The Dance

I miss the form. The elegant beauty of the landscape. That's what I'll call it,

The landscape


It was like a landscape

Long and lean, tended to

Graceful and wind blown


It was effortless beauty


That is, when you felt it

When you became it

It was effortless


There were the drags, the forks spoons and knives

The painful parting and reassembling

I hated it


But I loved it oh so much


I lived for it


It was me living


I miss it, the nights of reckless wandering

I could snap at any moment,

But I was controlled


My movements tamed, but they could be released

I could fly,

Or crawl or drag or sleep


I was a form

I was an art form that took shape as my body became the landscape of my life

My hopes and dreams


I was part of them all

I was them all

They all became me. I found my way into them


The forgotten extreminities were my vitals. The sockets were my only restrictions.


I was



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