Green and Black

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 03:49 -- LeeLee

You are the green and I am the black
That make up the northern lights.
The light and the dark together;
The most beautiful of the sky's sights.

First I was alone waiting for something,
Dressed in a gown made from the night,
The moon hanging down from my neck,
The stars wrapped around me shining bright.

Then I saw you suddenly appear
A faint haze of color glowing,
Dancing through the sky around me,
Bright as the sun's rays, quickly growing.

Like a bolt of life you came to me,
Dressed in all of the shades of green,
A red tinged halo and white wings,
The most beautiful creature ever seen.

You came closer, then held out your hand.
I hesitated, unsure why,
You so lively and so fair would care
To paint me a rainbow in the sky.

I looked deep and long into your eyes.
You looked straight back and smiled like the sun;
Then warmth went through me to my heart.
I took your hand and our dance begun.

Slow and steady, with measured steps each,
Clouds forming our silver pathway,
Though lightening tore across the sky,
We chased every rain drop away.

With every step, we grew closer,
Our own colors trailing behind,
A deep love grew between us two,
Colors and hearts became intertwined.

Green and black together in the sky,
A portrait of our feelings shown;
Before happy separately,
But now unable to be alone.

Colors flowing from our flying feet,
Pulsing with the beat of each heart;
Wrapping around the midnight sky,
We were for each other from the start.

Twilight coming, I was not afraid.
Your strong will that nothing could bend,
Would guide us through into the light,
Together loyal until the end.

Following the constellations, we
Crossed the world while time flew away.
I, the night, and you, the color,
Were both killed by the light of the day.


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