I Twist, I Shout, It's my job

Smile on my face

5, 6, 7, 8


It's in my blood.

12 years of it.

12 entire years of my life.

12 years of pom poms,


cheering on the crowd.

12 years of sweaty football players,


complaining cheerleaders from the other team.

12 years of tight uniforms,

lost voices,

memories dedicated to memorizing cheers.

12 years of spirit sticks,




12 years of hair pulled back so tightly that you're head aches,

traveling to places near and far,

shivering in the cold and rain just to support the boys.

That's what I live for.

Lived for.

It's almost over.

My senior year.

From just a small 1st grader,

to a stressed out, depressed senior,

Cheer has been with me all these years.


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