Tongue Tied

My own words have been stuck

Between esophagus and windpipe too many times before

Leading to glassed over eyes and lost attentions


You have to understand these knots of fragmented declarations choke me.

If only crumpled words unfurled as easily as bright umbrellas in soft rain

My lungs would be more like balloons then clasped fists


Too bad they are nothing more than compressions of the tongue

Forcing sputters and misplaced tongue twisters back down my throat


I just want to be able to communicate

It’s not much to ask, but

Tumbling tongues

Slippery syllables

Accompanied by never-ending stammering stutters

Lead to nothing more than broken sentences and lost eye contact


Stay with me dear

Pay attention

Don’t just listen

Use your eyes to dance with me

A tango of calculated adjustments and twists of the spine

Say more than wilting flowers and kids whispers and escaped mumbles ever could.

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