I'm in love


I didn’t know at first.

First sight, first touch, it wasn't tantalizing until last night.

I realized it in the thicket of the cold winter night.

I am in love

I am in love

I am in love.


I think it’s the way it feels when we dance

 I think it’s the way she excites my body and smiles at me in the night

Maybe it’s because of the days I want to run away and cry

Someone once told me that I was always in the right place

That I’d it the ground running, at just the right pace.

Oh, Lordy! She took my breath away.

But Oh! Was she worth the chase!


I remember when she taught me to dance.

She taught me how to sway left and right,

To be technically correct, of course, but nevertheless,

Beautiful, graceful, fragile,

A delicious delight.


I dream about her

About us dancing together on a Broadway stage.

Picture that.

Us! Together!

Dancing in the heat of the spotlight.



It was when I lost her.

My feet were always so cold.

Just one side effect of the blizzard taking place in my chest,

Freezing my heart.

It was So. Cold.

I was freezing to death.

Do you know what that’s like…

The freezing to death part?

Well it sucks.

Makes you want to hold in your next breathe

Because you know it won’t be sweet,

It won’t taste that same without the tender bliss you once acclaimed.


But then we met again…

That’s when I knew.

I was so in love with her handsome face!


She loves me deeply.

She gives me life, happiness, and peaceful mind

But I love her back!

I give her my everything,

My sweat, my blood, my tears, All  of my money! Plus my time!

After all…she is my purpose of being on this earth.


I used to try to forget her and do other things

that I thought would be purposeful to a person in need.

But tell me this:

How can you ignore the very thing that makes you breathe?

That’s gives you life?

That keeps you up in the darkest hours of the night?

Who was I kidding?

Everyone knows that we’re married for life.


Did I forget to tell you her name?

Well it’s beautiful.


Even a bit vivacious.

I’m in love with ballet.

She comes with shoes,

Pink and satin… You see she has the great taste!


Don't rush it...

The love that's coming to you…

You don't know it until you know.

Then, you know that you know that you know.


It's love.


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