A Head of Hearts

Thoughts invite Emotions to a dance 

An elegant waltz

They don't skip a step 

For the fear of telling the story wrong looms over their heads like the gleaming chandelier

Held together like glue

The 2 too tough to pull apart

My body, Their dance floor

Their fine art, swift movements, The words that dance from my mouth

Their chemistry bonded chemically

As eyes lock and hands hold firm

Music of the world sewing them togther

Snip a single stitch and 

Catastrophy awaits

Failure to my nerve system

Organ failure

Frightening forclosure of my being

For others

Head and heart remain as the wall flowers they are

Shooting glances like bullets

Mouthing words over the symphony they didn't know how to dance to

They sit apart for their better

But mine come togther

My heart ,using my ribs as steps crossing the spine of a dance floor

To reach my head

You'd belive it to be better for the partnership to court

Though it is not

For when they dance, their steps shake the ballroom

Self destruction

2 sides fighting to lead

Leaving me the only one sitting alone at the table


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