I Thought of This in the Shower

Play me a song

‘Cause I’m feeling lonely

Like the sad lyrics

Of a Troye Sivan single

Fuck it,

I’ll dance all by myself

Like nobody is watching

‘Cause I’ve got the soul

Of a long dead

Failed choreographer

No nervous boy

To step on my toes

No beautiful girl

To give me late night woes

No human being

Who really knows

I’ve got a heart

That just wants to



And no,

I don’t got any moves

But I can step to the beat

If I know what it means

And no,

I don’t know how to dance

But I can move to the rhythm

As long as you set it

And no,

I don’t know if this is a game

But I can play along too

If you teach me the rules

Meet me on the dance floor

We can let the music set the pace

You can show me how to move

I can show you how to lose

You don’t have to tell me

That I’m wrong

‘Cause I already know

My dance partner is nonexistent

And I’ve been alone this whole time

Caught in a fantasy of self-told lies

And now that the song is over

All I can do

Is stare at my broken down shoes

‘Cause next on the playlist

Is a love song

And I can’t relate.


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