when I dance....


United States
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No one knows
The affects you have on me.
I don’t know if you would be considered
A passion or a drug.
When im with you I become
Something I wish I could be everyday…
I feel almost super human.
You get me to breath the unpolluted air of passion,
To see my untouched, bright future,
And relive the beautifully tragic past.
With you I can talk to the spirits,
As well as talk to the living.
I used to think the only way to fly
Was through pixie dust,
That there was no way to defy gravity
But like always
You can never let me be right.
The thing is, I can’t live without you
even though I want too.
With you I am as free as the clouds,
I see the glass half way full,
I’m timeless.
So whatever you are doing,
Don’t stop,
Because I like the way I feel.


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