An Escape


Let me step in someone else's shoes

to be Alice for the time

I'll have all kinds of new friends and shrink smaller than a dime

Let me entertain the crowd

because I love it so

I have a mind that's full of words but no way to let them go

unless I sing them or simply just point through my toes

Let me play a sonata to show you that I'm sad 

or maybe play the theme song of the Hatter who's gone mad

then mime pouring tea because it really isn't there

nor is the rabbit and nor is the hair

but there's one thing that is

my heart is somewhere

sometimes I leave it in the crowd or floating in the air

I drum when I'm excited or feel like rocking out

I'll play for you some jazz without knowing what it's about

but one thing I will know 

I am at peace with what I love

and what I love is to express when words are not enough




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