A Tempestuous Dance

She dances with an icy heart,

cold, unyielding to rays of light.

She creeps up, plants a kiss upon your cheek,

A forgotten lover

leaving traces of frostbite in her wake.

There is no beating in her chest;

skeletal arms lock you in an embrace.

They carry the frozen essence of her soul.

Heavy steps are behind this waltz,

do not falter and lose pace. 

Your vision becomes cloudy, 

surrounded by a world of grey. 

Death melts away, 

and gives birth to life.


Light steps, a jig 

bouncing with shimmering joy.

Eyes reawaken to a forsaken world,

hands out-stretched to embrace the returning sun.

Bountiful meadows, streams of blue,

each light tap a sign of rebirth.

Shy buds, once closed, burst into bloom;

delicate petals open.

Her lips taste of sweet nectar,

nothing like the chill they once carried.

Playful steps 

as Demeter’s harvest thrives.


Precious beads made of water, 

a melodious song of breath.

The dance becomes a tango.

 Exposed skin and harmonious laughter;

freedom to bask in.

Pulsating light, shiny and unbearable;

eyes open then shut.

Small bursts of peace,

fated to end.

Bodies pressed together;

her lustrous warmth.

In vain you kiss her hot lips, 

so she might stay.

But she must leave; 

for that is her design.


Long, flowing movements, 

a fox-trot.


green becomes red then dies.

Her hands begin to wither,

clinging to life.

She is losing her warmth;

the icy caress returns.

Dance through the fleeting rays, 

and savor that final kiss.





This poem is about: 
Our world


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