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36° 40' 1.416" N, 76° 25' 59.412" W
United States
36° 40' 1.416" N, 76° 25' 59.412" W

As the lights fade on

The world is so quiet

As you hold your pose

The nerves grow, you can’t deny it


The first notes flutter

Through the air sprinkled with excitement

You move the music

Then at once you are united


A storyteller you are

Speaking with movement

Illustrated with lyrics

And stitched together with music


For art cannot be fulfilling

When the soul is intact

Vulnerability and surrendering

That’s where the magic is at


Anyone can stand on a stage

Many can move to music

Some can explore their soul

And few can invite others through it


Some enjoy learning

Others love performing

For me the most important

Is instilling the feeling


Without words or explanation

We are challenged to communicate

Not just a story

But a common feeling to illuminate


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