Final Chance for Dance

The idea rocketed around my head with determination

Fireworks spitting flames into my imagination

Join dance

Join dance

Join dance

It bounced into my ta-ta-tapping toes and my beat-beating heart

Every time that the melody would start

No, no, and no

In years past I've tried dance

Tried to jump, spin, frolic, and failed

It's senior year

It's too late

Too far gone

But the intensity heightened

Join dance class

So with shoulders slumped

And a throat that was lumped

I walked into that fateful studio

Five, six, seven, eight

To escape, was it too late?

But the other girls smiled

I was welcomed home as a child

and we danced

we danced twirling into the sky

we danced past the constellations

we danced and finally I

was home, right here in dance class

when our hour was past

and the clock reached its last

I waltzed out of that studio

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