The Life of a Dancer

I can taste it in the air. 

Spicy, warm, and ready to melt in my mouth,

It comes to me. 

The lights, the cheers, 

The fever of performance. 

The music slowly ascends in volume,

And everything is black. 

Breathe waits in anticipation of the beat,

the start,

the beginning of a new life.


Color bursts forth from the darkness

As feet and body move in synchronized motion.

Each step is a new day

In the life of the dance,

A new moment to take in 

And breathe the sweet smells of living.

Heat takes over 

As the steps began to wane and die 

Along with the music. 


Overwhelming joy.


The trance is broken as the crowd stands,

Applauding the life I just lived in stage, 

Newly revived with each small movement,

Never to be forgotten.


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