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Look deep in the mirrorDo you see color?What do you see?Can you see the sins of the humanity,And the hypocrisy creeping at the doorsteps?Blinded by the murky and muddyGlaucoma of jealousy,
Silence, darkness, enclosed am I.Hands wet, in pain, press up against the wooden cover.The plank lifted with ease, crashing to the side.Dim light greated my eyes, as I rose in my earthen tomb.
  A Doll alive in a paper house Layn mildly upon her virgin bedding Left to be all-bearing Beneath silent, stained glass Revealing a perfect paper family.
  A Doll alive in a paper house Layn mildly upon her virgin bedding Left to be all-bearing Beneath silent, stained glass Revealing a perfect paper family.
The escape of reality. the gateway to the impossible. the life force of wonder. the madman of a sensible world. Mystery. Love. Pain. Sacrifice.
The escape of reality. the gateway to the impossible. the life force of wonder. the madman of a sensible world. Mystery. Love. Pain. Sacrifice.
The bubble in my chest is expanding, Not with joy, but apprehension. The desire to escape keeps nagging at my brain, I see bloody wrists behind my eyelids.
Most of the time, I live in the light.
When you turn up the loving it heals the broken parts of me. You create a love so strong it takes my sight, it’s blinding. Feels so damn good, there has to be something special about me.
Revolving door, I guess I’ve come back for more of course. Spirit numb and heart can’t take much more. Only takes a smallest of gestures to have me banging on your door. Begging, pleading for just a little more.
I feel so sad when I wake up from a dream, Realizing that I have to return to reality. It's always easier to decipher what nightmares mean; That my soul is just another casulty.
I’m falling  and falling  and my back is  burning  but I’m freezing  cold  cold  and the wind is 
We are independentWe are free.Yet nobody can hear me. We are independentwe are free.Yet nobody can hear me. Many innocent lives were taken.And now we must awakenTo the sheer horror of death.
The mind has a funny way of playing tricks on you, Even though you have it planned in your head what you want, your mind still takes over and tells you what to do.
Peace, wind in your face Peace, blowing autumn leaves past you. Peace, the sun creeping through the leaves and branches of the tall daring trees.  Serenity is what I need.   Peace, laying on the cold ground.
Peace, wind in your face Peace, blowing autumn leaves past you. Peace, the sun creeping through the leaves and branches of the tall daring trees.  Serenity is what I need.   Peace, laying on the cold ground.
“Ticket to Freedom”    All I want is to be free.    I don’t want to live by
A cold lie escapes my lips Poisoning my words With cold hard hate. People shrink with fear For my face is now gone The lie has Ruined. My. Life. I cover it up with  A mask
There is a place  Where I go  To escape But it is not called home When I get off the bus I walk just a little too slow And I think the reason why is simply because  I  Don't wanna go home 
Surrounded by natural beauty, God’s greatest creation… In the absence of urban ruckus and cacophony… Crickets lull us to sleep, whippoorwills herald the dawn
This place is always a little lonely At the noise and life; I like solitude, But not in places Where there’s recently been A lot of people.            Reclusiveness protects you
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone you’re gonna miss the way I loved you you’re gonna miss the way I let you hurt me you’re gonna miss what I let you get away with you’re gonna miss the way my hair shines in the sun
no you can’t see my shackles, no ball, no chain. that doesn’t mean I am free, for you I’m a slave.   addicted to your touch, you light up my nights. give me company when im alone,
The biggest lie I ever told myself was that I wouldn't stay up too late  Studying or doing work. Now that I'm on my senior year of high school all of that Went out the window.  
we are flocking togetherthere's no-one to leave be the aim and the arrow VVVis for Victory that's a lucky escape
I Stand. The fires burn me and I stand. The people scorn me, and I stand. Darkness hunts me, and I stand.  
Uncertainty Solitude Responsibility Failure The feeling of wanting to hide under your covers from the world Everything changes after 18 You leave your house
The Earth is shaking And its cracks showcase chaos. Get away from them!
Everything starts with yourself. You must exists in order for this to be existing. It starts with you first accept yourself then others will join in acceptance.
I need to write, I need to fight for every breath I breathe Without poetry, Or symmetry, Creativity,
Can't You See You Keep Trying To Escape noidont You're Doing It Right Now Kei noimnot I'm Tired Of This
three years old -- mumma tells me "dont disrespect a book else it will not teach you all that it knows" i listen to her and see the book in new light i see the inanimate object as an equal  
We create the worlds we want to live in because Reality isn't good enough for us, but what we never realize is:
Your heart’s thumping hard You can hear the drums beating Fire’s spilling from your eyes Every thought seem so fleeting   There’s a pen in hand And a word on your mind No one else can hear it
Words to escape from reality 
You are my escape, my refuge, my solace You keep me at bay when I can't escape the darkness Your my life, my passion, my light at the end of the tunnel You keep me safe, pick me up when I stumble  
The thermosphere is showered with stars Sprinkling the inky infinity with transcendent luminescence Deep crimson to brilliant sapphire, they radiate Forcing even souls of malice and anxiety to eternal serenity
Hidden Hidden feelings Hidden situations Under the smile you wear everyday You can see a story
The mind is a battlefield A realm of chaos Thoughts fighting for dominance To be discovered and elaborated upon Fragments
Leaving me broken Out in the open How can you call that love Leaving me stranded Alone and abandoned How can you call that fun knowing im damaged Bruised broke and bandaged
run away from you from my dreams from my fears   from the pain you might hide deep down in your heart   run away from smile and sparkle in your eyes  
I’ve heard of guys like you my entire life The type to dumpster dive Instead of revive There were times I wished I’d died If I died, you would’ve taken everything Including my voice  
Poetry, the drug, my glorious escape from the world. Poetry, the high, my method of free expression. Poetry, the teacher, how I unearth the mysteries of my complex mind. 
When her mouth is sewn Her hand speaks When pain leaks from her eyes The screams float on sheets  
Dear Me,   Soon, you’ll see, very soon, when the moon’s out, In a glorious afternoon where it’s rare  To see her scout amongst the chaos ‘round, You will see a girl starring eastbound and,
i slept to escape reality, but i was left trying to escape my sleep.
Dear Running,   Hello again old friend. I’ve missed our long talks. You’ve gotten me through so much.   Throughout high school you were there for me. Providing some post school activity.
No cuffs on my hands But a shock collar around my neck Locks on all the doors and Walls
To my own demons: Internal weakness, sin of sloth, why must you chain me down so?
Dear Sleep,  Thank you for the comfort you bring. For being my safe place, when my feelings are too much, when all I want to be is numb, when the world is too much for me to handle, when being me is too much.
Climbing out of the window at night to sit on the roof of our two story house was an outlet for me. Out went the air conditioning as I opened my window, and the dreams snuck into my bedroom.
Why Me? What did I do to make you want to hurt me?  All I have ever done is to make you happy? Why Me?  All my life is dedicated to you. You made me who I am. Angry. Sad. Hateful.
The music box plays no more Without knowing there's more in store For she escapes through the color of sound No longer wishing to be around A violin plays so faint The colors fall
Im not okay. The voice took over. Its just me, Its not anxiety. Everyone lies. I look like a buffoon. Im fat, ugly, and stupid. The words keep repeating in my head not letting me even breathe.
It's crazy what i did for love You put me in a box that kept getting smaller. and smaller. and smaller. Instead of breaking out, I curled up and made myself smaller. and smaller. and smaller.
Rapunzel was alone most days and most nights She grew sad and felt no meaning was meant for her Her golden hair grew long and luscious Her once bright purple dress turned cold and frail
Flower gleam and glow Let your power shine Repunzal with your hair so long You're tried to escape for your 10th time With bare feet and and grit teeth You throw your hair down low
Forever towards elusive horizons,  Driving away our primitive fear,  An endeavor at best.    Blurs of men zoom past,  Ghosts of ambition,  Echoes of monotony.    Vaguely human
Books are my escape And if you’re reading thisI think they’re yours too And that also means You’ve dealt with the people Who ask: how? You wanna know what I always tell them?In books I find love 
Dressed in green, I fly, Through the stars, the sky, Finding those like me, lonely, Left by people who loved them not, lovely, So we can be lonely boys togehter, lost boys,
As the music starts the world disappears You slip into a new world for just two minutes A world where no one judges Where no one cares How you look
Love, E.   What love did I have to give But the letters L O V E Strung together with threads of Indifference?
The Girl Who Was Also a Map   It was winter when I first met her I did not quite realize what she was Because of the cold, she was covered and concealed.  
You’re everywhere, No matter where I’m at I can feel your stare, Following me like my shadow, your eyes trace my every move, I do not know the reason, or what it is that you’re trying to prove,
It's the feeling that it gives me, like I can finally fly it's the entire universe in each page I process. It's the love at first sight and the wonderful journey that follows, the ridiculous jokes that make me giggle.
Pages rustle gently against the wind but do not stir from my thumb Worlds of words wind their way to me and take me from my own Now I sit in a tavern where Gareth is buying drinks for all
There's no greater feeling than getting lost in a book. While I read, I am transported to another world. Reading is an escape from the stresses of my everyday life. It is
Reading ellicits many worlds For boys and girls, alike. Open a book and you've entered a new reality, One that's meant just for you. Experiences never had, Feelings never felt, Emotions unknown.
The floods push and coax others just go with the flow. But not I. Sometimes I drift towards shore, I prefer swimming straight for the shore, And then, I'm in another place. No swimming with routine,
The sky growls angrily And makes the world dim Roaring through the shaky Earth Casting war below him   The inky waves under the reigning sky collide and crash
When I hear the pitter-patter on the roof after a long sunny day, I think. I think about what it must be like to be a raindrop, or even just a molecule of water. To be able to go anywhere, or would
Lost in the land of backpacks, bullying, and excuses I just can't take it any more, I'm a complex thinker in a simple, close-minded land The bland robots walk around with the same daily routine
Sneakers laced up tight, Water bottle filled to fullest height. It may take a drive short or long but Always, I long to take a hike.   Nature beckons me to explore;
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone. True. Those are the lyrics to a song, but let’s be real here for a moment. You know you need me, just flat out admit it.
Starting with a simple word, creating sentences into rhymes a neverending pattern that must be followed with a solidarity of sadness. Words flowing from my brain onto the paper, 
They speak in broken English and they lie with silver tongues, They swallow down old whiskey and they smoke away their lungs. They cursed me for my difference, they hated words I sung.
If you dare, come to the dream-seller's store It's filled with inspiration, gold and hope She'll sell you a good future, maybe more Tied up with string or silver chains or rope.
It came like a hawk attacks prey, Fast, furious, and without sway, That feeling that haunts me, It kills what I want to be.   My hands start to shake without stop, My face scrunches like it will pop,
Free to fear Free to pain No escape Me to blame? Couple words Line the page Simple rhymes Ignite the flame Pages fill Emotions pour A dim light Brightens more
I used to stay up late into the deep dark night I would watch, think, read, or give myself a fright The darkness under my baggy green eyes gave way
I'm sitting here. Again I'm alone. I'm trying to escape Escape from the hurtful words and the voices in my head. My headphones are on and my music is up. Here I sit. I'm by myself.
I have felt the darkness The kind that seeps into your mind when you're alone. The kind that makes tears come to your eyes and sadness to your heart. It's the kind of darkness that can really tear you apart.
It's growing. Bigger, nastier, uglier. And it's sore as hell. I dived head first into a brown bottle, even had ice but, it still continued to swell. Self medicating, personal antidotes,
Whispers come in the breeze, Whether by sea or Through the leaves   They always know just What your mind Is trying to hide And they laugh at Your ineptitude With a harsh,
 I don't mean to be blunt~like forced traumaor display myself up for you~dioramafor you to get this how I feelthere is no appealwaking up like a wind-upbecause everyday I wind-ipin these same situationspessimistic contemplationsevery day and the d
Anorexia nervosa. Battle of the mind. Battle of the body. It all describes the same struggle. It was the disease that landed me in the hospital. Therapy of all kinds was scheduled. Art, music, family, group, writing.
When down comes the sun, Up comes the moon. As the stars shine brightly down on the children of the world, They go to their secret escape. They call it dreamland.
I feel so free! Oh my God, I am free! There is no reservation in the words that I write There is no tongue biting in the thoughts that I speak I am so unstoppable not even Denzel could stop me –
Emotions are quite the interesting thingsIn this daily walk of mineSuch fascinating and terrible creaturesTo have such control over my actionsNo matter my mindThey lead me on a leash
The waking world I’ve realized Is limited And can’t surprise   The busy, buzzing Mind inside
I want  to go You're telling me that there's an island lost at sea Lost with me? Lost but free.  Can't live without? Can't do without? But that's all I want. All I want is to get out.
I need an escape. I need a chance to let everything drop from my shoulders. Hiking, plodding along, even feeling that burn in my lungs clears everything away.
We argue every day. We argue until walls fall down, Until the neighbors from downstairs look up at us And say the next day “Please don’t slam the door. We hear you.”
We argue every day. We argue until walls fall down, Until the neighbors from downstairs look up at us And say the next day “Please don’t slam the door. We hear you.”
Were I traped with no escape, And the odds were stacked against, My solice would come within. A heart of gold can hold All the warmth you need. And the heart inside my loved ones
She’s keeps me sane when my mind is uneasy Always motivates me to do my best Never allows me to waiver in times of adversity Demands me to be different from everyone else
StrandedBehind the miles of oceanSand piled up like hoursAnd dark just dark:     Empty.Just water, andSand, andDark, and    Me.And I needHow I needI need     Air
He broke me, dragged me to his dingy white van I could not stand, bruised and waving out of reality for how could he do this to me Even that night beneath the stars
I would take with me, only the thing that sets me free, If you became tansparent when the sound filled your ears, you would understand what I mean when I say that's all I want to hear.
Evanescence The essence of presence is lost in the resins Lessons in life occured bound to the destined Questioned the next in the line of the sought Rott in the mind of the kind in a shot Escape the reality
The lemon grass scent belonged to her pecan tinted skin.   Her stare soft but filled with a pinch of fear.   When the breeze roared and fell on us heavy like a brick.  
The sound surrounds me thus superfluous movements consume the proximity. Supercilious proxies place themselves above me like an Aurora of boreal proportions, unorthodox luminescence provide unimaginable distortions.
      " We cannot escape They are coming With poisoned words And glinting swords           We cannot escape They are marching Towards us and towards the war             We cannot escape 
She dances it all away until there is no yesterday, nor tomorrow or today. Hardwood floor and mirror take their place, surrounding her with their grace.
"My mind is full of fire The terror can get no higher I need to run away Anything to escape This world so full of pain And memories of the shame As though it didn't leave a stain
"Love of my life Why do you hold a knife? Don't you know the love? And hope from up above The demons you are now free of The demands that you must give up But you afriad that you might,
"It's hard enough to live Without the hurt and pain But I can't seem to win Or stop the awful shame But since I'm not seen at all I watch my spirit fall And try to find a way
I live in the stories that I create, in the books that I read and make, the stories in my head because it is better instead. I imagine many things, many horrible things, things wonderful,
I sat by my window Looking out at the calm night sky I looked out to the ocean The waves calm and still as they crashed on the shore
Perpetual Escape, Undefining - Driven Divine Incentric Indigtation, Ceasing Conformity, Losing Yourself, Lost To Find Ones Self, Elapse Into - Unintentional Nonsense,
Why couldn’t I just be born a wizard,
I am someone who just wants to escape To flee the deep, dark depths of my mind To a place free of dibilitating pain The kind of pain that grips my throat and suffocates me I want to be beautiful
exotic one word to describe a euphoria an infinity of pleasure and defiance against a tasteless mindless society. The river that flows steam like hot lava
She opens her eyes slowly, feeling a warm, gentle, soft breeze brush against her face.
the ins
I'm trapped in a room where the door is always open When I try to flee I find a sadder story has been awoken For I have wondered into yet another cell Only a grander stage in which to scream and yell  
Sandy feet, light brown ocean, and a vast open sky. My week before this was stressful, burdensome and I thought I was going to die. It was hour after hour of work. It was draining; tearing at my soul.
I am in an empty casing. My soul is hitting walls and edges.
I needed
Perfection  tingling sensation of my flesh under the heated luminescent velvet curtains, engage excitement of entertaining counting off the seconds remaining stomach churns as they open, providing cold- sweats
Unfortunate. She drowns in the depths of depression. Necessity. She needs to get away. Escape. She vies for freedom. Personality. What's that?
She needs a sensitive soul. A gentle touch. A loving heart.
City Lights, Valley low Watching through all the snow From this highway where I stand Twinching fingers, aprehensive hand   City Lights, how you glow Twinkling dots put on a show
I held on so tight to someone that the person was my breath without then I was outta breath and with them I felt as if I could live fo
An escape from reality A world that I can explore at any time or place
Struggling within something's grasp, Trying to wriggle my way out.
If you were to harm me, slice me open, I think that a knife would be useless.   Instead, rip up a thousand journals and use the edges, for nothing hurts more than a paper cut.  
Days, weeks and months collide I'm starting to forget who I am inside Not sure what to think or feel Wondering if I'm even real   Finding new ways to hide Fears still reside
You know stress? Worry? That panic that grips your chest and rips you apart in the middle of the night? Because thinking about the future incites this feeling of needing to explode because you're not ready.
  as long as there is  'A'  &  'B' 'A'  can look to  'B'  for difference and  'B'  can look to  'A'  for difference
Hoping for destination, she  gropes toward brightness, across spaces like tundras.
Sight is just a window from the room we're bound to.  If you find a way out, would you let me know how too?
He escaped the pain, he himself createdCreating two lives to raise,love to give to three and praiseHis life starting a new journey,
I'd rather be asleep. Because I'd rather be numb. It's my only escape. To feel safe. And loved. And comfortable. The numbness of not having to have stress-outs, Or anxiety,
6:10 a.m. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the sky is blue. The outside looks flawless. The inside is trapped. She walks into the bathroom, she looks into the mirror, she sees the same thing.
I feel like I can't runaway anymore. I've been running too long. Searching high, hiding low...
My hands grip the controller, Energy flows through my veins, I feel all the power, As the title screen begins,   I walk through fictional gates, Where my new adventure awaits,  
Within this uncompromising maze, the faceless men in white suits force you to stumble along the path from point A to B. Tall white walls confiscate creativity and slowly strangle the unsuspecting
From all the stars in every galaxy,to the electronic melodyof every song that comes through my eardrums.From every relaxing activity
I sit down  First day, first class New faces are all I see  I see smiling faces Faces, all staring back at me Comforted, that's how I feel Routine, that's what I need 
I’m a poet…and I’ve always k
For whome, This may
I am not a bird, And I long to be free. The net has ensnared me, I have no escape. Tighter it strangles me, If I try to loose it. Tighter it gets, With every thought of freedom.
You say you love me but I don't believe you do.
Where can you find a blessing
I am running, hiding from the relentless grip of REALITY But no matter what I do or where I go, it always seems to catch up with me It drugs me and runs through my veins
Have u ever wanted to explode wanted everything else just to unfold. When the more you help people you where left not even knowing who you are.
Amber numbers glaring in the dark With a piercing cry, they shift. Snap the button; sink to the soft feather bed. Drag a weary body for a dead and dreary day.   A path to follow, Worn in the floor.
Pounding head
This is oblivion  Such is a state of limbo May one hope to leave
Cocooned. Trapped   in lucid pristine existence. Sheltered, Hidden,   from troublesome reality. Delicate wings, You stretch them to fly,   but ensnared by the inexperience,
In a nearby field, there lives a rose, as wild a creature as an unbridled stallion, an old friend of mine.
Tis' not a poem of his sparkling eyes
The death of waiting, a vice grip on my chest denies me the option to breathe, my wrists bound in cuffs of limitation, feet stuck in frustration, mind set on fascination but body tied,
I feel the pressure of the walls of this box pushing from each side, increasing, squeezing, and as it gets tighter in here, the pressure builds builds into an atmosphere chaotic enough for lightning
Oneida says she's out of timefor mining lies from crooked mindsand spending nights     beneath strange blanketsstreet-to-street, tab at a time.
Focus. Stop. Think. Escape. The World fades. I implode. A sensory overload, only within the mind The place where privacy is unconditional No cost; not a dime My sweet escape
Like a snake shedding its old skin. Its itchy and uncomfortable. Heavy and bothersome. Makes the insides of the stomach roll around in anxiety and half disgust.
Eyes swollen with sorrow and unshed tears, Burning for being open too long. A body that weighs a thousand pounds, Screaming in protest from running. To the ocean rationalizes the mind,
One of my old poems:  My heart grows colder My body grows harder My hair grows longer The days grow darker   Look back and find I'm standing alone again And I come to discover
One of my old poems:  
Sometimes life's problems seem to inflame. This is my cue to draw instead of being in pain.   To jump into the world my mind creates
The knight in shining armor. Th almighty hero of time. The titles that stick to the ones who are sublime.   To leave this world and be the hero or the villian. To no longer be me.
Off we go, just us two inside the studio   To free ourselves and simply dance, to inspire those who desire to advance
No, I don’t go for the coffee I mean, I do like the coffee But really, I just like to be there A cup of hot bitterness Smoothed with a splash of cream Is my excuse   It’s away
We all use our mind as a form to escape from the world around us from what kids call "the bad thing"   We see things that not ever one catches and our mind discards it if it hurts
It seems like an eternity ago that our flames burned as one I cannot recall the memories I crave so badly that your heart etched in my memory Your scent no longer lingers around me trying to entice me
These walls surround me. They box me in and drown me. I’m floating down the river that flows from my eyes. - My life is so boring I forgot that I died I tried To make it work.
Bad luck drowns my sorrow in a
I try to scream for help,
Down the dark dungeon steps, He ran for his life. Down the tall tower stairs, Footsteps close behind.
  While I sleep silently,
I want time  To forget me
Let's say we ran away to those islands you love so much I leave my hair all curly and wild and collect sea shells to make jewelry to sell you'd run a little grill shack on the beach
I want to run away to some place beautiful Where the birds are singing And the trees are dancing. I want to run away to some place quiet Where the savage thoughts of my mind run silent
It's a funny feeling , Just doesn't settle right, Took a few wrong turns with you by my side,
How I love to sing It's how I use my voice The way I get my words out It brings me great joy   Music is my everything It's there when life just isn't enough When I have a bad day
It's hard to explain feelings To someone who hasnt experienced them. It's hard to explain what silence sounds like Without having first heard a sound. All of these feelings we try to disguise,
Brittle, Brittle, little scribble. Cookies, crumbs and a child's thumb. Big pots, small lots. Dancing tigers, spinning chairs. Crawling, chewing, emotions spewing. Broken anger, dazed stairs.
As the sun rises over the horizon, Doves fly through the clouds. The land is covered in soft green waves Over rolling hills. Sprinkled throughout Are brilliant flowers like confetti
Today I wished upon a star, To be able to smile, To be able to live. To be with a happy family, To not be afraid of tomorrow,
i try to be independent, to tell them all that i can do it by myself. they smother me with their worries and their fears. i want to live my life as i see it. but they want me to live my life as they see it.
I’m running. Always running. I’m running through the forest, and I can’t look back. I can never look back. I want to look back, but I can’t.
Dear mister professor, I take notes in your lecture
If I close my eyes, I can hear them The quiet mumbling of the crowd Voices mingling into one loud whisper
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 
Dear Mom,     Hi.     Wow. This is Hard.
Oh sun, Oh sun How he does rise To watch the cheerful play, See him illuminate the skies, And hide before each day, Oh sun, oh sun What warmth he brings, To ever leaf and flower,
Day by day We wake up What do we say?   Day by day We get out of bed All the words we say Are just made up in our head   Day by day We paint a picture of ourselves
I'm enveloped in the black abyss of nothingness, I can see everyone else up on the surface but I'm still stuck below, here alone, I can see everyone is trying to help me out,
You're not right for me. No one is right for me. I'm not saying it out of pity. I don't pity myself. I'm not tired. I can't even say I'm depressed anymore. I'm empty. I'm void.
Poetry was my escape It helped me get to second base For the dreams that I have chased Now my dreams and reality are face to face
The morning is black The wind is cold The curtains are hanging, tattered and old The smell is rotten The air is thick
Poetry is my escape. I write about My opinion of others, How I feel the world should be, How someone acted, All written out
On a horse, gallopingat full speed. A giraffeto the left; a lion chasing.Around and aroundyou go on my carousel.You do not know me butso many of your naturehave passed through here
grey hallways, close us in, trapping our imagination ,  trained to fight, trained to win, similar to prison, I wish it weren't true, wondering about what awaits for me in the big wide blue,
It isn’t the kind of tired that can be cured by sleep. It’s the kind that is always coupled with an inexplicable sadness the kind that created a black hole
Her alchol level is high , her self esteem is low, as she stands on this roof alone she looks at the ground down below she's ready to jump but her tears are in the way
Silky, satin keys leap Underneath my fingertips; Living in the moment With nothing on my mind Eons away from my problems
I've returned form Never Land, To the place where you're told how to dream. I've never enjoyed it here. These sadistic people who want me to think, Think just like them. Into the melee I sink.
Walking silently along this dreaded pathway, Through the city of the lake, i see all of these ghosts of people, whose souls never cease to break. i find myself shaking in agony from these visions i behold,
You see they say"Sticks and stones may break my bonesBut words will never hurt me,But words do hurtThey push me to the dirtWhere you pelt me with sticks and bricks
Happiness lost within a tired reality A reality that rather be fiction Fiction that wishes to be reality The mind unravels to an unwanted place a place that's been deferred  
The fox scurries through the cornfield And so the wind’s whispers must yield As he cocks his head to listen His fears are openly revealed    
My racing thoughts drag the pen across the page. My feelings pour out in front of my eyes.  Through these words, I am free.  Free from pain.  Free from reality.  As I escape,
I write to empower; I write to impress I write for myself, it's my way to express Emotions and feelings, they pour out in words Like waves crashing down, I want to be heard These words are like music, fluid and loud
In an alternate reality where paper becomes the streets and the roads, where pens are the cars whirling and whizzing along, where my thoughts, emotions, and fears form the melodic landscaping codes.
I am a teleporter  I can temporarily leave this world Into a world I create  My own safe haven All I need is my trusty pen and paper Like an artist painting her canvas I imprint my words onto the paper
It is an escape from reality, reality that is at times hard to bear, when nothing feels right, and my heart aches to fit in, but yearns for privacy, that is when I sneak,
close your eyes, you can't feel pain. close your eyes, you won't see vein. close your eyes, it's impossible to see. close your eyes, get lost in your dreams. close your eyes,
I'm writing because I'm angry. I'm writing because I'm sad. I'm writing because I'm lost. I'm writing because I'm mad.  Words are my escape. It is like they understand. I can express my true feelings,
I write because I am free to DREAM, I can be no one else but ME, it helps me to ESCAPE from REALITY. I am a DEEPER REFLECTION OF ME.   I write what I FEEL, too afraid to SPEAK UP ON WHAT IS REAL,
I have only made one really big mistake in my lifeAnd it was with youYou were not my mistake though I do not regret loving youI do not regret how hard I tried to keep youI do not regret anything I said to you
I don’t always know right from wrong I don’t choose to write  it helps me get along.  “Cold world” they say, cackle and scurry on.
I am a pot of scrambled eggs. Hot, jumbled, Scrambled, what else? Stirred by a big wooden spoon in a hurry. "Go here! Do that! C'mon don't be late!" WAIT. Hold on a minute. Slow down. Let me breathe. Can't you see? This is not who I am.
Dull and lacking in importance All roads lead to Rome, but where is this taking me? Options everywhere, but no choices No answer to solve problems that don’t have solutions. Every answer is right, except a few
Pen to paper Fingers to keys Words spitting from these blistered lips Words that bare my soul I hide myself behind smiles and laughter So you don't see my pain, feel my terror
Lines tell stories Lines tell stories. Stories that are made up of twenty-six letters Flipping and flopping are words that we can make out of twenty-six letters
Hear their sickened words their twisted lies taste the poison on their tongues   Isolated and alone i hide in the shadows away from the evil away from their world  
There is a dark place where nightmares slitherA place where sickness has no cureA place where the depths of hell shall riseA place where flames consume every ocean and river
                                                The words just seem to appear on the paper Like magic is flowing out of my pen As I escape into a far off land;
My greatest friendship Has lied within the tip of the pencil That which moves In many forms.   Syllables that dance around The atoms of the paper And rejoice After every rhyme.  
I write because I fight with words. I write because when I write I can be heard when there's no one else to listen and nothing else to do, not a verb else. When I write my sentences are fragmented but my thoughts are complete. Through.
Graced by pen in hand and mobility of body, Soul seekers stretch limits into endless skies. Solid lines mark a writers' striking presense, But never his mind's bounds to any extent.  
Poetry is an escapeNot something to negotiateIf it were ever to become second rateI should hateto be around on that date.
( Fear rules my desires Scared to love and to feel, To put my soul in a bind. Let me throw these thoughts in the fire And watch them turn into ashes.  
I see my soul soaring, Flying like an eagle, They try to tie me down, Where I cannot be free.
Life is such a scary thing One minute its complete and total bliss But the next its full of despair There is no way of knowing why or when It will all come to an end Loved ones are lost
(poems go here)I dreamed of a world of peace and love, Where the fighting stopped and there was a time for peace, A time for family, a time for love.
truth, forgiveness, honesty you forgot that it goes with loyalty why did you screw me over this way your promises meant nothing to me I left you happily, without anything to say we were never meant to be
(poems go here) Life’s bumpy roads and harsh realities Are what brought me to the refuge of poetry. A world where you have little money, Where the lady on the news talks about a new murder every night
Lonely. Interesting word, horrible feeling You feel every syllable Especially the "low" Happens randomly Out of the blue you are struck Completely Alone. Can't sit in your room and hide
If I do not let them free, they will tarnish my mind and poison my future. If I do not set them free, I will never feel relief. If I do not take this paper and pen and release what is inside of me, I am afraid it will kill me.
Alarms blare, cities fall up And my hands, scared but tenderly, cup Away from the blue, away from the sky A small, small piece of an everyday lie
Why I write? I write because it’s right and its fundamental value can compensate for what I’m feeling. I write to tell the story of my life, what I’ve done, where I’ve been, what’s my meaning?
Dance The Movements Of your feet, The way Your Body responds to a Certain Beat, The way Dance makes you realize what's within Don't worry about the Lyrics To a song Worry about the Beat that Makes your Feelings Come out Not a Weak feeling But stro
Life was three ibuprofen and a cigarette, I'm living life with no regrets. Hakuna matata, no worries I'm gonna get through.
Kiddnap me... Lift me away, far far away I want to be lost and never found Shhh don't tell a soul The secret place of my hearts desire
I am a runner. I leave comfort for the chance of glory. Pushing my body to the limits of breaking. Then building it up, only this time stronger. No reasons for doubt. Your body is a castle,
If I'm still, they won't see me. If I breathe, I'll be caught. If I shut my eyes, I can disappear. But I have to come back. Like when you dive under the waves, for a moment, it feels like you could last forever.
Tell me, Muse, of the boy with the red backpack Walking with a swagger in the diversity-filled Queens. Tell me how the bus would take him through the noise To his serene, tree-lined block just off Hillside Avenue,
The man controls the puppet, The second it is finally made- And goes on to make the rest To fulfill a romantic charade.
I drink this drink to ease my pain, but deep inside there is no gain. I try my damnedest to fight the urge, but every time I only splurge.
what do you do when life is hard and you have nothing left to give it just keeps hurting cause you know you hate to live what do you do when you dont know what you live for because everythings the same
Tonight, the silence is interrupted, your screams are hardly faint... Tonight, you've forgotten about my presence as you carry on without compassion. Tonight, I hear you struggle to make a decision
I am a story with no ending. I wonder why you did what you did. I hear to many lies. I want it all to stop. I am a story with no ending.
Disease is the reason For the loss of my loved ones, And possibly the future Loss of others.
My mother and father gave me birth, they said I had extreme worth. No brothers or sisters; no family or friends. This is where my story begins.
I'm leaving. Not here, not there. Not anywhere. I won't be remembered. And I won't be missed.
Look at the sky, It’s pure and white. Nothing compared to my soul That’s neglected and dark. The trees stand tall, Branching out far Nothing compared to my soul That slums down,
Lily sighed and Lily cried, when she heard that her father died. Lily prayed and Lily swayed that he was still alive. Lily’s rage and Lily’s cage began to grow and expand.
Cast out from the world, You wander through a dark forest. The cold wind snaps and bites at your cheeks, While your tears fuel the icy fire. The bright white snow is the only thing that gives you light.
He haunts me. Like a ghost, my husband haunts me. The red-tailed hawks that cry out over head taunt me mercilessly. That was his favorite bird of prey. Cardinals that whistle and sing as the day wakes up
There was once a girl She was sweet as can be There was once a girl And there was more to her than what you could see She dreamt of flying Being stuck on the ground bothered her And people were always lying
The weight of the world is on your shoulders; The way to success is your path. You don't want to be a dissapointment, For the tears of the victims would be your bath. You shout for the people to hear you,
My Life, my one true love, The one thing that makes me happy to wake up to every morning. My uncontrollable consistency, the one thing I want to commit too. I love you Life. I promise not to fight, push or shove.
Attaining the pain cliffs Clenching fists Intent to murder translates as violence tears, Like the warmth of coffee – All through me The tingling energy of rage surge my cadaver.
we are living proof,, so here it goes, the living truth, said uncoated without any cuth. I remember looking out the window staring through bars watching , but the window was to blurry to see the stars.
She slid the blade deep into her arm Breathing heavy, trying so hard to hold in her emotions yet release all her feelings. She thought of the sister that didn't love her, The mother to busy to care,
Falling from the sky As if to watch the clockwork of every person shuffling by to understand our differences and always know our consequences but there is one thing we haven't learned:
It's everywhere All around us in the broad open Yet the blind can't see What's under their nose
Death. The word is pregnant with emotion.
That although we are far apart I will hold you close to my heart When you're either up or down I'll always have a remedy for your frown That in the event you shed a tear
A door opens Empty of memory Cold, Dark, Eerie Depression creeps in Sadness takes over The walls drooping with pain Crying tears of blood No acceptance from reality Pain has overcame pleasure
I’m done Yet I can’t quite grasp it Why something like this would happen to me How could something like this happen to me That trust I built has just been destroyed I’ve never been this broken before
Whatever happened to the flowers? The water lilies and poppies and marigolds, With their dewy stalks and folds?
I don't know who I am The white in my life blew out I don't know where I stand At thirteen my soul was left in doubt The only white The purity The innocence... of me Taken in the dark
Stop and stare. Who goes there? Not a pal or a friend. Maybe a foe or a fiend. Can you see her? Or maybe its a him? Duck! And Dodge! Close one my friend. Don't fight back.
It hurts like the sting of ice and cold. It hurts cause I know that's what's like your soul. It hurts because you forced me to believe the words you say. It hurts to think how can I manage another day.
Looking in the mirror Sadness stains her face. Red lines cover her, making feelings fade. They call her names. The torment her. The wall she has built is breaking. She goes home to a world too adult.
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