Brittle Scribble Dying Dribble

Brittle, Brittle, little scribble.

Cookies, crumbs and a child's thumb.

Big pots, small lots.

Dancing tigers, spinning chairs.

Crawling, chewing, emotions spewing.

Broken anger, dazed stairs.

Wild, frizzing, mouths fizzing, room dizzy.

White gowns,white shoes.

Long days, small rooms,dull food.

Brittle, Brittle, little scribble.

Climbing,fighting, walking tall.

Broken from the stall.

Feeling, breathing, gasping air.

Find a hand, hold a pair.

Eating,living, feeling young.

Sirens screaming, ears are stung.

Counting,yelling, time has come.

Brittle, Brittle, little scribble.

Caught, handled, battle lost.

Not worth the cost, head hung.

Wishing, dreaming, of being young.

Man has won, war is done,bird has sung.

Brittle, Brittle, little scribble.

Sit, cripple, die with the dribble.








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