Sunshine and Sand

Let's say we ran away

to those islands you love so much

I leave my hair all curly and wild

and collect sea shells to make jewelry to sell

you'd run a little grill shack on the beach

and go surfing all afternoon

we'd sit in the sand

and hold hands

pretend like this is more important than what we left behind

music and laughter will heal us

from the past we're running from

our humble little life on the beach will be all we need

our little refuge

from the place where everything was taken from us

memories will fade

like the sand carried away by the tide

and the sun will give the allusion of happiness

our little paradise

in our hammock together

nothing can go wrong

and we'll dry each others tears.


Because no one should cry at the beach

Its why we moved here

where sadness evaporates like water

and smiles are plentiful as the sunshine




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