I sat by my window

Looking out at the calm night sky

I looked out to the ocean

The waves calm and still as they crashed on the shore

The water sparkling in the moonlight


And something was telling me that I had to feel it for myself

Feel the water

Feel freedom

I ran down the stairs and out the back

Racing towards the beach side


Feeling the softness of the sand on my feet

I walked towards the water until my feet were able to touch the cool, peaceful ocean waves

I closed my eyes

Felt the breeze

Heard the waves

Listened to the voice of the moon

And for once I felt strength


My eyes opened

I looked out to the distance

The moon high over the horizon


Drawing me towards it's light

I slowly walked forward

Absorbing the peaceful feeling in each step I took

Leaving all my worries behind

Surrendering to the water

And the calling of freedom in the distance

I stepped deeper and deeper into the ocean

I stopped

I looked back

No doubts

No regrets

I turned back to the ocean

Looked to the distance

Remembered where I'm headed

I took a breath and dove into the crystal clear waters

The cool embrace of the water surrounded me

The waves flowed around me in a perfect dance

I opened my eyes

Reached out

And took the hand of the water

Let it lead me to my tomorrow

I pushed forward through the tides

Feeling the intensity as I went deeper and farther into the ocean

There was no turning back

I'd known that from the start

The water was my path to freedom

And I'd do whatever it took just to have one moment

The waves grew harder

They pushed back and forth against me

I pushed harder

Never gave up

It took me farther and farther under

I surrendered

Stopped struggling

Let the water lead me

Then the storm stopped


The water calmed

I swam back up to the surface

Seeing the dim beams of light once more

I saw land

A place I'd only seen in my dreams

The rocks lining the shore as the blue-green waves calmly crashed down on them

You could look up and see the planets and stars all aligned

And there it was

As I rose out from the water I saw it

Clouds started to surround me and I felt the warmth of the sun

It was right there in front of me and suddenly I knew

I had reached tomorrow

I found freedom

And for the first time ever



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