Fun Little Games


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My mother and father gave me birth,
they said I had extreme worth.
No brothers or sisters; no family or friends.
This is where my story begins.

I was locked away by myself.
Tortured in my own personal hell.
I looked out my window day, after day;
it was the only thing keeping my sane.

I could see all the villagers faces.
No matter where their placement,
they were all so happy and full of life
at this I started to despise.

I, lonely and depressed up here
my feelings becoming oh, so clear;
I needed a friend, but beyond and above,
I needed someone to make me feel loved.

I turned around and she was there,
just smiling with ivory skin so fair.
All I could do was smile back,
that was the only way I knew to react.

How did she get up here? I asked myself,
but then I began to think Oh, well!
The only thing I understood was that
I was not alone, and that felt good.

We had secrets and promises, too
and dreams that someday we would pursue.
But one day she came to me and said "I am bored,
let us play a fun little game where we will both get absorbed."

How could I refuse the offer?
Believe me, it was not a bother.
She looked at me with her innocent eyes,
but something did not feel right.

How did I know?
Remember, I used to be alone.
How did I know what friendship was?
I did not, and that meant the questioning was done.

She looked at me with an angelic smile
and she said "Trust me, this game will be worth while."
The she frowned and her eyes looked tight
when she asked "You trust me, right?"

"Of course I trust you!", I fired back
"You are my friend and that is, that!"
She was my friend, until the end of time
with those suspicious, alluring eyes.

She smiled at me once more, then leaned to her left
and grabbed something out of my dresser drawer..
All I saw was something in her hand shine
then she turned and said "It is your turn, not mine."

She handed me what she had gotten,
it was my dagger I had forgotten.
I looked up at her startled and confused
as if asking "What do you want me to do?"

She said to me in a persuasive voice,
"In our lives we get lonely and depressed, but
we can end all this despair with just one cut."
I looked at the dagger once more.

Her happiness seemed torn,
"You said you trusted me, that is what you swore!"
I looked at her undecided yet I got a a spark,
I closed my eyes and lunged the dagger into my heart.

As the crimson dripped down my body
I looked at the girl in a daze,
seeing that she too had red
and the same horrified look on her face.

I looked further back and my heart began to fall
for what I saw was a mirror on the wall.
The girl who was once my friend was actually me,
then my eyes fluttered as I drifted to sleep.


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