"Ticket to Freedom"

“Ticket to Freedom” 


All I want is to be free.   

I don’t want to live by

Their ideals anymore. Falling,

Offers me a chance to see

Places away from here.

That chance commands me to leave.


I watched a crippled leaf

Moving slowly, seemingly free,

Fall to the ground. As it landed I could hear

The painful crunch as cars drove by.

When I looked over, all I could see

Was a warrior who had tried and fallen.


They had warned me about falling.

I watched other youngsters leave

Getting to see

Warriors fall or escape to freedom.

I watch them fly by

Onto a dreamy path away from here.


I am bound here

So I watch the others turn and fall.

I want to be a warrior and buy

My ticket into the wind so I can leave….

I want to fly away and be free

And see


The world past my tree. I want to see

More. I want to escape from here

And be free!

I don’t want to fall

Into their trap and never leave.

I want to live by


My own rules, not buy

Into their lies. I want to see

My future and be able to leave.

I don’t want to hear

Stories about how we will all fall

All I want is to be free.


When I’m free I will see

How buying a ticket into the wind to get out of here

Was a battle worth fighting…. I won’t be like other leaves and fall, but I will fly.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



This is a sestina I wrote explaining the feels I have and the things I see in my community. People seem trapped by expectation and just need to let go and fly away to see the world outside of their bubble. 

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