Story With No Ending


United States
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I am a story with no ending.
I wonder why you did what you did.
I hear to many lies.
I want it all to stop.
I am a story with no ending.

I pretend that everything is and will be okay.
I feel my heart breaking in half.
I touch the tears as they roll down my face.
I worry people wont understand.
I cry myself to sleep as I picture you in my mind.
I am a story with no ending.

I understand now that things happen for a reason.
I know this will pass over someday.
I pray that I will move on.
I try to remember all the good times we had,
With the choice that you made, I hope it was a good reason
We are a story with no ending.

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I think everyone has an ending. It's up to you to make it a good ending

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