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The weight of the world is on your shoulders;
The way to success is your path.
You don't want to be a dissapointment,
For the tears of the victims would be your bath.
You shout for the people to hear you,
and pray that they won't meet this fate.
In the end you do all you can,
But it seems you were too late.
You walk away from the blood stained roads,
And walk towards the sea..
You look towards the sky and say--
"I'm sorry I couldn't be all you wanted me to be."
Closing your eyes is an impossible task,
Even as you try to sleep.
How could you possibly be at peace,
When all you can do is weep?,
It's a constant battle I have with myself..
And finally I lose the fight.
I pull the trigger and drift away--
Eternally saying goodnight.


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