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we are living proof,, so here it goes, the living truth, said uncoated without any cuth. I remember looking out the window staring through bars watching , but the window was to blurry to see the stars. They locked me away when they saw the truth they locked me away because i was living proof. how could you hide a secret when its written on your body, how do you hide it when your always sobbing. i use to rely on a razor, pills an men, when he looks at my scars i play pretend. The wounds got deeper as time went by,, but this place helped me understand why. Now im alive ,, im lucky im alive still, i am living proof of a nightmare that became real. Now understand you dont know my story, dont look up to me for glory, look at your wrist if you relate to this, now close your eyes an give god a kiss, because you and i are living proof of people who are not afraid to tell the truth. If you need help He is always there, he saved my life so he must care.

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i wrote this poem a long time ago when i got out . I was put in a hospital because i cut my wrist over 100 times on each wrist, now that, well that is destructive before i went there i used cutting as a way to cope with pain an i also used drugs an guys. i never loved myself but now i love me and i hope that you who read an relate can love who you all are to,, it took time for me to heal an learn new methods to cope. healing doesnt happen over night but like our wrist it happens over time. so hopefully my poem will be suicide prevention:)

Your words are beautifully said. Thank you for your honesty and your courage. Your truth and your struggle. Its poetic and raw at the sametime, well done!


Wow this is truly amazing. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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