My Escape

Sneakers laced up tight,

Water bottle filled to fullest height.

It may take a drive short or long but


I long to take a hike.


Nature beckons me to explore;

Each rocky path becomes an open door

To sceneries and streams,

Moss covered boulders, and mushrooms all over

Each day brings a new surprise


Whether the path be long and narrow,

Short and easy or

Winding and steep,

 my body is ready for action, always ready to take that leap

I may be short in stature but I am grand in esteem


A companion is not mandatory

When I have the trees by my side

Their leaves brush my shoulders,

Branches shelter from the sun,

But when I do have that special someone,

One who knows my heart,

Its as if we could hike ceaselessly


Through snow or rain,

Even if I’m in a bit of pain

The peace that comes from this exercise is precious

Immersed in God’s creation,

His love and beauty in so many forms

A hike is all I need, to bring solace in life’s ranging storms



This poem is about: 
Our world


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