Have u ever wanted to explode wanted everything else just to unfold.

When the more you help people you where left not even knowing who you are.

Everything falling landed right on me.

As I'm try to get back up I fall harder and harder.

People from every where wanting something.

Family, friends, boyfriend everyone.

As I put my smile I seem so happy but a smile is bendable which mean it can always bend

. Drama drama drama the word everyone tries to avoid but still find a way in.

With all the crack you try so hard to hide.

.. When family break then you break.

Super glue duck tape no matter how sticky it might be it still un pills and reveal all the things that was hidden

I was suppose to hold everything together but the more I build the more I crumb but not only in the inside but outside to

people starting to notice a change in what use to be Imani only lies beneath you is a totally stranger.

. what wrong Imani are you OK.

The question I say nothing or I'm fine begin to leave with no answer no meaning and no purpose.

Doesn't that kinda sound like me

A balloon who was once hard and felled with life but now became a weak air less lifeless object

which try so hard to fly to victory but lands lower land lower to the world which she tried so hard to escape from  but no more running she has to  face the problem dead on.

But was I ready for what's to come

no longer locking the door behind me

what every had to come to me slowly open the door wide open and look me right in the eyes

asked me was I ready...

and I replied to silent



Thst is ...., Im speechless in a good way its powerful great job


. Thank you so very much so happy you enjoyed it.

Please check out my other poems and hope they inspire you

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