When down comes the sun,

Up comes the moon.

As the stars shine brightly down on the children of the world,

They go to their secret escape.

They call it dreamland.

A place their imagination has no end,

A place where they escape reality.

Far off into their own world,

They go beyond infinity.

Doing what they want

And being who they want.

No one telling them what to do,

Who to be,

Or how to act.

But, like everything else, it has to end.

As the moon makes way to another place,

The sun brings another day,

Greeting the world with bright rays of light.

The dreams end,

Bringing back reality.

Just like dreamland though,

Reality also comes to an end.

When down comes the sun,

Up comes the moon

As the children escape reality to their own imaginative dreamland.

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Our world
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