A Beautiful Escape

She opens her eyes slowly, feeling a warm, gentle, soft breeze brush against her face.

She opens her eyes to see wispy pink clouds, a setting sun and dark tree branches and colorful leaves over her moving swiftly with the wind, she doesn't fret or worry; she smiles.

She leans up to see a beautiful meadow of tall green grass and beautiful flowers dancing in the wind. She doesn't want to move or get up, because she feels at home where she was; safe.

She lays back down upon the soft grass, looking at the sky and feeling its warmth and security. She ever so wonders how it would feel to be up there moving along with the clouds, seeing the ground in almost another dimension it would seem.

She slowly closes her eyes and think of just how amazing that would be. "The world...this place... is just so great, I love it here" She softly says out loud and begins to giggle as the wind tickles her. "This place ..is awesome"


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