I’m running.

Always running.

I’m running through the forest, and I can’t look back.

I can never look back.

I want to look back, but I can’t.

The autumn leaves crunch under my feet as snow starts to fall from the heavens.

Every snowflake’s different.

Just like me.

My breath trails about behind me as I run like a wispy ghost.

And I’m cold.

I feel so cold.

After running for what seems to be an eternity, I trip, I stumble, I tumble, and I fall.

I’m falling.

I’m falling into a hole where my heart once was.

And I’m still falling.

I hit the ground.


I stand up uneasily, the ground slippery.

I’ve found my heart.


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Haunting and very descriptive I love how you used winter to describe how you are feeling keep it up

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