Just Be


United States
39° 6' 50.5944" N, 94° 46' 27.6132" W

It's everywhere
All around us in the broad open
Yet the blind can't see
What's under their nose

Hard to hear the silent screams
Hard to see invisible tears
Reach out a hand and be a friend
And relieve someone of their fears

Pain isn't easy
People suffer it every day
More than we would like
Then they take their lives away

You can make a difference
You can save a life
Let someone know you care
Let them know
The Hell will pass

All it takes is a listening ear
All it takes, an open mind
An open heart
To stop a suicide from happening

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This poem is amazing it really hits you hard when you read it <3


Very powerful, and very true. The picture only strengthens your poem. Quite beautiful


It almost made me cry

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