A Way

Struggling within something's grasp,

Trying to wriggle my way out.

Strength dwindling away and attempt after attempt results in failure.

Hands push against the binds that incase me,

Feet frantically paddling in mid-air,

Face contorted into a face of strain and frustration,

Body hangs limp for,

There is no way out.

What is my future but something that this entity is forcing upon me,

Something that is expected of me,

Something that is beyond my control?

What is this entity that holds me in its iron grip?

Not letting me roam free,

Subjecting my thoughts and ideas to its influences?

There is no way out.

The future lies in a state of uncertainty and irresolution,

I helplessly watch the figs rot and fall off.

Should I find my own path or should I give in to this greater entity?

No, there has to be a way...

Confidence and resolution break the binds that hold me down.

I seek the competition and adversity.

I seek the challenges and face them.

The only expectations I hold myself to are my own

Because for me,

The most important future is mine.

I am flawless because I am in control,

For I have found a way,

A way to fly,

Over the empty shackles that lay shattered on Earth's crust.
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