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Streets bustling with cars,  Trees crammed with birds.  But afar in a family’s yard,  A gathering is happening with an exchange of words.    All was calm with the meet.  So many uncles and cousins to greet.  Hot dogs, burgers, peaches and jam,  It
It was Christmas Day and a horrible incident was about to unfold.When it happened, I was only four years old.It was Mom's last Christmas, she'd never have another.I found my dad's gun and I shot and killed my mother.
An intoxicated man hit a woman's car when he decided to drive.She didn't die when her car was struck but her son didn't survive.She couldn't even attend her son's funeral because she was hospitalized.
When I fired my gun at a criminal, I accidentally shot an innocent bystander.I made a horrible mistake, I was supposed to shoot someone else than her.
A 17 year old boy put a bunch of firewrks on his head.The fuses were lit and when they exploded, he was dead.His mother was angry and tried to have fireworks banned.But there was something that his mother didn't understand.
Wir wissen nicht Wenn wir uns verabschieden Denn morgen Gehört nur Gott im Himmel Wir wissen nicht
It’s woven into the fibre of my being  to expect tragedy.  Even in the wake of the good things my mind is plagued by  the thought of what could be.
Don't make us become displaced. Never make us feel misplaced. that would be a disgrace. Trauma and tragedy, no one should have to face.   Fun games ,not war. Say no to gore.
as heat envelops my small body, and the earth disappears from view, i have to wonder what i did  to deserve this debut.   
The Journey Back  is an interesting one miles of walking on  tired, callused, bloodied feet. treading back over  that eroded ground.   
A daughter and heiress, Gracefully radiant in her chamber.Recklessly entertaining a new suitor,Loveless joy with heavy breath,The moonlit night air cooling against sweat covered skin.
Let me tell you about the most tragic love story that has ever been known.It's about a man who had a lover and her name was Pauline Jones.It happened thirty-five years in the past.But sadly, it was destined not to last.
It has been 20 years since the towers fell. Two decades to mourn Two decades to heal, But the scars run just as deep as they did twenty years prior. Just as deep as the wounds that bleed into our streets
Tell me your lies, tell me your sins tell me the life that might have been they have killed you oh once-mighty-one for you have wilted under the withering sun the golden god so fierce and brave
A stained glass tragedy A matching crystal ball Tossed much like that of bowling Speeding orbs down God's old rumored hall
Unspoken, unidentified tragedies ... I wonder if bad news and devastation are better delivered With the merciless blow, like finding out you'll die just before Christmas
You Know I Really Didn't Want To Write ... About The ... " Tsunami " ... !!! But Every News Channel's Gone Tsunami Barmy ... !!! Somewhat Like George And His Terrorist Army ...
She was the most beautiful thing in the room  He gazed upon her radiance in awe of her, Her eyes soon met his and he was engulfed by her warmth  For in her eyes he saw galaxies 
tragedies worldwideflooding my senses daily...fill my bag of tears . . © 2018 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
My wife and I both worked at a video game store.They closed and we're not working there anymore.They closed their doors because of this damn Coronavirus.We're unemployed and no other businesses are willing to hire us.
Here I walk, alone, Down a cobblestone road. Here I walk, alone, Left with my hollow thoughts. Here I walk, alone,  Wondering what to do. I can't go back home, Not after what happened.  
The inspiration I have gathered and grasped  from the ashes of this exhausted relief  fuels a fire untouchable to man    Rising up as the fire burns inside 
The Cherry Blossoms began to bloomTheir beauty was extraordinaryA young girl with a big puffy sunflower dress Giggled and danced by the tree
Dear Father, You were there for my birth At least I think you were But that’s about it  You saw me growing up But I would rarely see you 
When the flowers claw their way out of the barren ground And bloom into the blue of your eyes Will I be reminded of you   I remember the day I first saw you A statue, mourning the loss 
There once was a traveler from a distant land, She traveled to the mountains and the sand, One time she traveled to the furthest peak,
Ruins are what build the integrity Of a man destroyed by love. Though the red glass of his heart shatters, The golden sinews of his character tightens To create a new person. 
It’s happening again, Such unbearable pain, And if my soul is crying As my heart is breaking, then that’s fine…   I’ve let so many people down, Lost so many beautiful opportunities,
There I was A little girl Who did not know What life would bring   I used to wonder
The sound comes from down the hall It draws nearer as you fill with dread   They reach the classroom   Shots fire through the room
They're sisters for each other, but still bicker Family that once was   Then the summer of 2012 comes around An eleven-year-old girl
You told me I was your little pearl. Glimmering and white, Pure and loved, A beauty to beat the rising sun. I was naïve and innocent,
TAAKA vodka, purple harleys, and cigarette rolling trays. The smell of pancakes and pretty summer days, the littlest things Are what triggers the replays Of the horrific day My daddy took his life away
“Almost” An adjective meaning very near or not quite. What a terrible word that holds a painful truth. I dread these six letters, as anyone would.
March, march, march, marching to the beat The rhythmic pounding of a hundred feet. From porch to mill, making no profits The sharp, stinging, rattle of empty pockets.
I can't hold on, I can't let go... I keep on breathing But each breath is suffocating. My heart keeps pounding But in my own blood, I'm sinking.
It’s a tragedy for those of us who stay the same When time tries to heal, but we stand against the winds of change Because you resist, you’ll make the same mistakes Those are the choices of us living not in love but hate
I love the way the sunlight shines on him The way the sun seems to reach out for him Only him His eyes are the most beautiful brown I hated brown But I could never hate brown on him
//   i was your flower.  you watched me grow and admired my beauty all while knowing that you were going to kill me    //
Please fill my lungs up with sealing wax Archaic artifice is familiar; let this be how I die I could not live with myself In these twisted refractions    I could not go on
Leave me alone! I am not your property, I am not your slave Dont climb on top of me! Dont hold me down, Dont scream in my face Leave me to cry alone Why wont you please leave this place?!
The Valentine Affair:   “Matter and rules,” said the decider. “is to be followed with bonding trust.”   Through the down-way of the fawning adulation, Into the valley of sixty nights of admiration.
The cameras flickered all over the place But to only one direction were they intended The figure that stood like a sculpture Like displayed gold that everyone tried to get a glimpse Marionette onu! The big heroine
The Weight of My Heart. By: Jordan Myrick
Strange that the woman doesn’t seem to mind. She’s surely Celtic -- or was, years ago. (Her skin’s too pink for the Mediterranean. Besides the half-regretted magic on her brow betrays her Briton-born.)
Spot her across the room Smile, look away Allow a minute or two to pass Make sure she’s still there
Pay your respects don't disrespect it's bitter days my mind astray your silhouette drawn by the bay there on the floor
She waits, silently in the lifeless yard. The sky that night, dark and starred. She lays there, waiting, its getting late. When he comes, they'll leave this fate.   
Come and see, as the sun sets in all of its glory to touch rays of waning light upon a quiet hill of houses with the peace of doves and a story like the stars,
She will always be there She has the voice to encourage and inspire Your mother may have passed on But, she is still there to motivate and push you to reach higher She often showed tough love
Her hand reaches out As his pulls away Grasping air Grasping nothing “Don’t…” She whispers Desperation near
Moments are melancholy Because lives have been lost People are in a state of bewilderment Dithered, confused, and distraught Nothing but a chaotic scene Filled with lots of bitterness
Senseless acts of violence Sadly, took away innocent lives Nothing but mass confusion Filled with corruption and strife Loved ones are grieving in sorrow Tears are falling down endlessly
  For the men who cried and died on 9-ll, whose son was only seven, The planes that crashed and burst into flames, Oh how it was such a shame,
Your mother may have passed on But, she is still there You can here her voice Telling you to be aware She loved you unconditionally Always there to guide and protect She may have been tough on you
Have the strength To continue on Think large, take charge And be heartstrong Your mother wanted the best for you For she was always sincere She may be gone now But, memories of her are still there
Why do I feel distressed? For my opulence, Luxury or success.   Look,  I did nothing wrong I was born,
My heart collapsed in manifold direction   Red spurts mimicked the infection   That split up and spread out across the hills  
All that is left are memories When a loved one sadly passes on One never really gets over the loss But, you must be strong Never forget what your mother taught you She always wanted you to do your best
When you’re young, you’re invincible There are no consequences You drive too fast, slurp too many shots, and run faster than your legs want to go
She is no longer there But, you can still hear her voice To guide and protect you And to help you make the right choice Never forget what she taught you She was always there Mother was forever sincere
the girl I once knew suffer from a tragedy that ruined her mind
Wasn’t it just night outside? I can feel the sun. Somehow I find myself again splayed on the couch SVU still muted on the screen.         Every morning starts like this, in blurred disarray
It's only 5 letters but feels more like a mouthful. You've bit off more than you can chew now you're choking on it. You can't swallow your pride so you spit it out.
Of course, it was a date. I was lying back on the chair, my nervous heart pumping, While she sat on the other side of the table Looking beautiful as ever.
Who are you America?
I still remember what my former life was like I was the jock, can you believe it? For fourteen years I wore the number 7 The crowds cheered for me I thought my team was my family
Find it in you To carry on Losing a loved one is hard But, you must have the will to be heartstrong Cherish all the memories And wear your heart on your sleeve Think of the grand moments
The lady falls like the dying leavesSoft and slow, forlorn and sweetOn a whim, she gives her heartWanting only to play her partYou speak, she hangs on every wordYou smile, she burnsYou touch, she shivers
Marion had driven past the lake More times than she could hope to count. She lived on its banks with her husband And their five children, who loved the lake.
"Yes your majesty You claim  But it turned to trajedy  Not fame The core left me Am i to blame? what's it bring me? Nothing but shame But when i called out Nobody came
Sweet Amaryllis,my stunningcrimson flower,pierces her hearttime and againwith pridefuldetermination& a glinting,gilded arrow.How many nightshas she waited,a smile playing
Intoxicated by the blood on your sleeve I can't look away at what a frightening scene you've clearly conceived. Abortion wasn't necessary when your ovaries spit out what may as well be your deadly diseases,
At 17, she thought she had the world Butterflies, tears of joy in her eyes She held on tight, no in between liesTime to let go, here comes the surprise
Everyone needs to wake up We just need to realize That tragedy and terror Is taking place right before our eyes Nothing but sad and dark moments Many are in a state of disbelief
She may be gone But, her spirit lives on Very energetic and goal-oriented She possessed a heart that was strong She was witty and very pretty A photojournalist that was sincere
We as a nation Seem bitter and lost Nothing but mass confusion Along with lots of frustration Many people sadly perish So suddenly Tragic situations occur Very unexpectedly
A young boy is driven by passion
On that dreadful morning Really hard to believe Pain and suffering are still there Families continue to grieve There was nothing but turmoil Destruction and devastation A total uproar
"I love it here,"
So callous is the mind of manWhen fear and rage take overGood intentions lostBlame set forthDown goes the ship of our discontentmentAway with our simple troublesWe forget we live
i do not have scars, nor am I scarred  or marked by such i am the scar the tree's root a tissue formed in  passed over scenes the wound's product
Every morning I awake,
The world became a better place on the day when you were born.But on the day of your death, it was like the pricking of a thorn.You guest starred in Happy Days, Fantasy Island, Our House and Chips.
You were born in December of 1975.It's a shame that you didn't survive.You were a great actress, one of the very best.It's not surprising that you became a success.
Opportunities aren’t abound for women like me My face has been stepped on My history utterly destroyed They haven’t fared well If one can imagine them left in my position at birthIf our lives were switched
Tired of trying alone,
Dear Love
I met her on a Thursday.I talked with her on a Thursday.I bought her a coffee and gave her my number and fell for her on a Thursday.
She was a bloom of light under the moon at night a blossom bombardment of beauty, I surrendered among the roses, seeking my purpose in sight I could only sway in my place, unable to venture  
contention that cannot vindicate fractured expression to tell fancy tries one thousand days from you could not abate flowing loving water behind my eyes   no one rewards silent screams not even death
Anna “You can’t have sex wearing a wig” she said That line could’ve made me laugh If she wasn’t clutching the sides of her head Wondering what choice did she have.  
Death is coming,
How is it like to resume?   Strobe lights and that's a grand foyer. Was not water. Grass and more grass, and a railroad elongating reluctantly to some point; A tornado of railroad.
The draw of his affection pulled as if the center of his soul Was a binary star to her impeding gravity.   The point at which his universe collided into hers Became an instance of impenetrable serenity.  
Broken chains, shattered windows. They're no tame, so don't get too close. Run run away, until you see the light of day.
she stands alone in the dark dark closing in as the tears fall she feels pain within her heart aches but she cant let go the past a memory her breaths thinner and less
When he held my hand,
What is love? his pitiful weeping, hunched shoulders shaking like a 9.5 earthquake his pain, sudden and hot, the mind is blank, but the body still feels his screams of agony, he'sdeadhe'sdeadhe'sdead
The constellation consisted of magnetars
The day after the rainstorm The most peaceful day of all The raindrops still lay upon the grass But the sun has come to greet his admirers   The day after the rainstorm 
White empty walls surrounded me, The sound of whispers disturbed me, I sat on a cold hard table, afraid and alone… I was told to lie back and relax as they put a mask over my nose and mouth.
You are the green and I am the black That make up the northern lights. The light and the dark together; The most beautiful of the sky's sights.
Love is everything in science love is reproduction in poerty love is tragedy in movies love is fate in childhood love is grotesque in war love is scarce in time love is stronger
You said goodnight to your parents last night they told to go get a good night rest  You were so excited to run that marathon you had been training for, for months, tomorrow 
I am hearing my name, faintly. The crying, the yelling, getting clearer. I am coming to, realizing what has happened. Glass, all over, windshield shattered. I glance over to Em, mouth moving
The sweetest of scentsresonates
Little Angles A Tribute to the Fallen Children of Sandy Hook  
run. run faster. to stop, is to die. you might not cross that finish line.
I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my love of Shakespeare. He led me to the world of Macbeth and King Lear. He taught me to die for love in Romeo and Juliet. And live with no regret.
The calm before Yolanda
Back and forth the currents sway/ the way is soon upon us/ The finish so near yet/ all around me has happened thus far/ the tyranny of the lights ever glimmering/ ever blazing/ the people in the trek/ some dying some fading/ For what cause be such
  I wish you would've stayed, and I wish you would've cared. I wish you would've looked at me and seen how you stripped me bare.
  Too young These two simple words always thrown in my ear. Too young to know life. Too young to feel fear. You see me on the outside, never seen me within. You tell me i'm young,
I thought I saw a smile, Though I know it can’t be true Seeing you try so hard, Part of me died with you You lived for family, God, and country The Red, White, and Blue
A joker isn’t always funny, A house isn’t always a home, A father isn’t always a dad, A bad person isn’t always an enemy. But twelve have passed, and thousands remain suffering. And by now it is Thursday,
I can see, but I am blind. I can hear, though I am deaf. I can speak, yet I am mute. I find myself wandering, like a spirit, Walking the same path over. I cannot tell if a dream has taken me
It is fitting that my grandfather should die tonight, How convenient that this is the very moment I have nightmared about
Here comes to us, at powerful speedA warrior on his valiant steedWho will never in a thousand years recedeAbout to perform a noble deedWith his majestic battle corpsWith confidence eager and secure
  Drain my skin with hands that plunge into my flesh. Ruby drops streaming down my arms, my legs, my chin. Sliding and mixing with salty sweat and tears.
All this suffering - it makes no sense How one could live through such nonsense. Minute by minute, the pain increases As it rips through her veins like shards and pieces.
There he sits, glaring up at me: I shudder. In wondering the meaning for this strange interaction, haunting memories appear. Now, he is my Paris: with no comparison to my true love, Romeo.
  Rushed out of school, without a clue in the world Thousands of people died in the last half hour Moms, dads, sons, and daughters..
"Still a Tragedy" by Dayo d. Dejo 
Whilst playing in the grass, with my favorite cousins, I happened to see,  a little black bird. And the bird cocked its head. And the  bird chirped. A couple months later, my aunt died.
Love & it’s antics Or reject to be tragic … Sing him a song Or offer a few His cigarettes
Hit the floor running, that's what they say But there's only so far you can run In this bricked up place with these tiled floors filled with sickness, sad- ness, and sterilization. But that's why I'm here:
Cursing lights flood the dark, Stains of grey upon the road Twisting, Wrenching Streams Slip Slowly, slickly, down the damp hills hidden behind the curve of my left shoulder ----suntanned, scarred----
The student body gathered outside that winter night on one of the windiest days of the year and we held candles in paper cups between the spaces in our cotton gloves
War is not a thing it is an emotion It was what is told across the oceans The truth - world is so much bigger So much more beautiful and wide. Not understood in the time that abides.
I used to watch him from a distance For I knew my feelings for him could never come into existence As long as our families hated each other Just because our skin color was of another
Vivid nights Imagination Wishing endlessly Sweet intoxication My mind runs free Through fields of smoke Can't think no more If I awoke...
Buildings crumble, Down in the street. Ones that stood so humble, Now resign at my feet. Planes take a break, People cry out. What else could they take? Live fly about.
What were you doing when our lives were changed forever I know were I was on September 11,2001 do you It was 1st grade and I was on my way back from morning gym I walked in all my teachers were huddled around the T.V.
Alive I am Alive yes I am Alive My bones tingle with the energy of life itself The energy of life surrounds me it protects me it cradles me, guides me guidance
It seems fine the wine is flowing Laughter is swirling the room Sadness is blockaded from entering That rush of panic Im running! I want to forget reality! Only wanting to reach Time.
If I stood, toes pointed forward, at the walls of ebony stone and watch the endless gallons dive, deep pits of New York; imagine the steel crashing thunder, smoking tower higher,
I am here with you in Boston-- where the earth plummets to the gravel to the pearly gates. Where the holy land is lost.
You remember the hands the grip that held you in place the force he stained in your soul in your inner grave. You remember the pain, how he yelled, you screamed, the vulnerability.
Remnants of strong people, jolted out of place. Strong like cement paved over with silence. A steady flow of memory filled with photos,
What is it I do, as a true blue Woman? I fight for justice so free, for love, for me- Me and mine, and you'll find that my kind, though we may bind each other, one another, our OWN brother
In Memorium of September 11 Shatter goes the windows of the first Twin tower. Smash goes the side of the second Twin tower. Accidental, people thought until the third plane hit the Pentagon.
Her white dressed figure dances in front of me. The clouds that cover the night sky gently surround the night I reach out to touch her beautiful face, the face of my love.
There once were two lovers put onto a train With nothing to lose but a lot to gain As they were heading towards a new state Without really knowing that they sealed their fates.
Skipping lines and skipping parts Do you know wherethebegginingstarts Feel the constant beating of your heart. Then all of a sudden. It falls apart
My tears are sweetly urged, My heart is cut deep, The pricks of thorns are heavy burdens on my heart, And my soul cries, “Forfeit to death!” Oh, darkened heaven, Teach me to forget to think of love.
The silence of a corrupted world, And to that a single voice replies. Can we ever really change, This world. we live in poverty "Abnormality" With all the Hunger And the pain The tragedy
Round curls and shiny locks In gold, red, and brown Bounce on their foreheads As they skip and run through the halls.
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