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Here comes to us, at powerful speed
A warrior on his valiant steed
Who will never in a thousand years recede
About to perform a noble deed
With his majestic battle corps
With confidence eager and secure

On the snow-clad mountainside
His alabaster horse will ride
With gleaming coat and perennial stride
With incredible bravery, he’ll not hide
He shall fight for the wealthy and poor
Against the kingdom we abhor

He’ll face the sinister nation’s knights
With all his strength and all his might
Force is his forte, his weakness is spite
And his silver blade shines in the dead of night
Even though his muscles are pallid and sore
A flame of intensity burns in his core

Precise and skillful, he will not fail
He’ll win the struggle; he’ll prevail
Never becoming weak and frail
He’ll survive to tell the heroic tale
And live on in the epic lore
May his soul live evermore

I tell this story at a gloomy place
A cemetery filled with death and disgrace
Where I looked upon the tiny gray face
Tattered the dress and sullied the lace
Of a child who had perished in the war
Among the dank and stagnant gore 

A warrior entered the little girl’s tomb
With clouded eyes full of sorrow and gloom
His regret and anger seemed to consume
Any blossom of happiness that would ever bloom
And he took the girl’s face, sinking to the floor
And said: I’m sorry, my sweet, sweet Eleanor.

The sad thing was, she was only a child
The man who killed her was raging and riled
The power of battle turned him savage and wild
But her facade was so solemn, so peaceful, so mild…

The tragedy of seeing their children fall!
Alas, the saviors cannot save them all,
We give the warriors our forgiveness, therefore
Though our souls live here forever and ever more.

March 2009


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