Grey Stone Bridge



Her hand reaches out

As his pulls away

Grasping air

Grasping nothing


She whispers

Desperation near

“I can’t.”

Comes his voice



Full of broken promises

A tear rolls

Down her cheek

As she cries out


But he’s already

Turned his back

On her

Like she did him



Stabs her heart


Wrack her soul

As he turns to her

“I’m sorry.”

He sobs

She takes a step

And so does he

She rushes towards him

“I love you…”

He calls out

His body falling

Tumbling over the side

Of the grey stone bridge

Into the water below

Dashing her hopes

Destroying her dreams

Breaking her heart

“Come back.”

She screams

Into the silence

Into the void

She’s too late

“But you promised…”


This poem is about: 
Our world


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