Little Flower Blooms

There I was

A little girl

Who did not know

What life would bring


I used to wonder

How I’d look

And become to be


Short and sweet

With little words

I was stripped away

From a life of



With each breathe

Came a new distress

I found myself

In a world of havoc


I sought to find

Who I am

But got lost

In the process


I knew I had

To act alone

So I strove to work

On my own


Everyone had

Things figured out

While I was trying

To a find a way out


No mom or dad

To guide me through

What to expect from life


I had to learn

From my own mistakes

And conform myself

To what society



For the longest time

I couldn’t choose

What I wanted to do

And I had felt so purposeless


I thought I would never

Be able to discover

Who I am

In this world


The countless times

I had to move schools

I thought I would never

Form a bond


With someone I could share

My life with too

I thought that I

Was made to be alone


It felt as though

I was never a child

To simply laugh and cry a while


Having to move on

I dressed, I taught

Myself to say

It’s okay,

There’s nothing wrong


This poem is about: 
My family
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