Sandy Hook Vigil


United States
40° 48' 11.1456" N, 72° 52' 9.3756" W

The student body
gathered outside
that winter night
on one of the
windiest days of
the year

and we held
candles in
paper cups
between the
spaces in our
cotton gloves

The wind blew
and half the
flames went
out, but they
did not remain
that way

Instead, people
huddled in
circles and
re-lit the
candle wick,
standing close

enough to keep
out the harsh
cold air that
whipped through
the night

There I watched
as the priest shook
hands with the rabbi,
and we all listened
to the beauty of

There I stood feeling
warmer than I ever have
in 30 degree weather
as I watched 28 acts
of kindness unfold
before my eyes


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