Death is coming,

You’re trapped and worried,

How will you survive?

Living in poverty,

Depression is near,

You can’t survive in tragedy,

Destruction will come.

Your life is at an end,

You say your final prayers,

As your mind bends and bends.

This mystery can’t be solved,

Welcome Death to come.

Death says any final words.

You beg and beg for mercy,

But Death declines and takes you away.

You ask Death if you can say goodbye to your daughter,

Death says fine, but you only have an hour.


You see your daughter,

But she can’t see you.

He realizes his little girl is nothing but a soul.

The father cries, he curses under his breath.

The little girl now sees her father cry.

“Dad?” the little girl says, “If you want to see me, go with Death.”

He couldn’t believe what he had heard.


His one hour was up, Death finds him.

“Time to go.” Death says.

But this time the father says fine take me away, I’m ready.

Death says welcome new soul.


Death laughs, “I trick you newly dead.”

“But why?” the father asks,

“Because you’ve abandoned your family.” Death replies.

“But my little girl is dead.” the father says.

Death replies yet again, “No sir, no she isn’t.”

The man wishes to go back to his prison cell.

“As you wish sir,” and Death takes him back.

The man cries every day.

Death had a plan, when the man sleeps he will then take the man.

The man sleeps and finds depression,

That night Death takes the man as he found him dead along with the rest of his family.

In the end, Death won and the man is now Death’s eternal slave.


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