The Day After the Rainstorm

The day after the rainstorm
The most peaceful day of all
The raindrops still lay upon the grass
But the sun has come to greet his admirers
The day after the rainstorm 
I stand outdoors and draw in a deep breath
Through this solitaire inhalation 
I ingest peace by the bucketload 
The day after the rainstorm 
Birds return to sing their joyful melodies 
Though remnants of clouds 
Still hover in the sky above 
The day after the rainstorm 
I remember not the day before
Tranquility is all consuming
It wraps me in and refuses to let me go 
The day after the rainstorm 
I cling to sweet Tranquility 
And pray that dear old Time 
Will stand still for a few moments more
When rain threatens the sky again
I long for the day after the rainstorm 


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