The tragedy of marionette onu



The cameras flickered all over the place
But to only one direction were they intended
The figure that stood like a sculpture
Like displayed gold that everyone tried to get a glimpse
Marionette onu! The big heroine
She was known for her big charity works
Helping millions of the needy people out there
Establishing schools, hospitals, care centers for the old
And the praises spread like the harmattan winds
Across the world her name filled many parts
Shopping centers, public vehicles were named after her
Even the children born at her age followed suit

She was outstanding, elegant and admirable
She was a role model, someone to be looked up to
Many inspiration materials were written by her
On this very fine day she received many awards
And everyone agreed that she deserved the honours
Marionette onu beamed to the cameras
And at that moment everything else seized to exist
What people didn't know was that she was a misery
No one had tried to unravel the true marionette onu
She was not whom they thought she was
Inside she was a broken being
And slowly she was fading, falling deeper into her sorrows

Many seasons passed and as her name spread further
Marionette onu seized to exist with each passing day
She was too scared to talk to anyone
Least they discover her fears and weaknesses
And just like that she got weaker inside
Although on the outside she was the heroine marionette onu
She strived to keep the title
And with that she dug the hole deeper
And just one morning she couldn't take it anymore
She wore her best attire applied makeup
And all ready and set up she hanged herself

Till today the death of marionette is still a misery
No matter which angle people try to view it
It is still a knot untied
The death of marionette onu
A history to be taken down to generations
It was a tragedy
An unknown tragedy

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