Out By The Shore

Pay your respects
don't disrespect
it's bitter days
my mind astray
your silhouette
drawn by the bay
there on the floor

dawning at four
He came by force
knocked down your door
wanted your corps
a Devil's shore

called you a 'whore'
your clothes he tore
revenge he wore
black at his core!

with God at war
dragged you both floors
down the streets
and to the shores!

but all ignored
warnings galore
it's all folklore
didn't explore
this was uncalled for...

you we adored
although you swore
He'd come hardcore
ears didn't care for

now we weep
sorrows we pour
but now what for?!
to skies you soar
our hearts are sore
a tragic uproar!

- Luiz D. Syphre ©®2017

Dedicated to Blanca.  Killed by her ex-husband after she had warned the police of his threats.  He came in the middle of the night and dragged her to the beach where he shot her dead.  She wasn't taken seriously when she reported his threats.

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