Star-Crossed Love

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 00:17 -- bri1315


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I used to watch him from a distance

For I knew my feelings for him could never come into existence

As long as our families hated each other

Just because our skin color was of another

I watched and watched as the days went by

Hoping maybe one day, I would hear his lovely voice say a simple hi

I never thought it would actually happen

For it’s a fool’s dream to imagine

Then one day

When the sun was bright

And the clouds were out of sight

I was sitting on the park’s wooden bench

When I heard someone behind me say

“Miss how are you doing on this gorgeous day?”

This simple question was how our secret began

We were young and careless

And never thought to have a plan

For awhile things between us were good

And I thought maybe we could

Make this love work

But I should have known

That our feelings for each other should have been locked away and left alone

Untouched by us and unseen by the outside world

It didn’t take long before we were betrayed

When a trusted friend of his gave us away

That night we ran

Into the forest to escape

What we knew would be our fate if we stayed

We laid on the moist forest floor that night

Hidden from everyone and out of sight

I knew it would soon be time to say goodbye

But I tried to be strong and not give my eyes the permission to cry

He held me close and whispered in my ear

“I love you my dear, we have nothing to fear.”

He then pulled out two guns

Handing me one

I knew this was the only way we could truly be together

But still, I couldn’t help but wonder what could have been

If our love wasn’t meant to be forbidden

Out of our mouths, we spoke our final goodbyes

Speaking only what was in our hearts and telling no lies

We then both sat up and held the gun to each other’s head

Knowing that tomorrow, two forbidden lovers would be dead


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