When you’re young, you’re invincible

There are no consequences

You drive too fast, slurp too many shots, and run faster than your legs want to go

Until your car wraps itself around a tree

Then your engine doesn’t start, your throat doesn’t swallow, and your legs are now too numb to feel

Oh, where are my legs?

She was taken to the hospital as everyone waited in agony

She’s too young to bury, she’s invincible

You never think your teammate will die


When you’re happy, you’re invincible

There are no tragedies

You work too hard, you love too deep, and fill up your schedule with many things to accomplish

Until your scans show all the signs for cancer

Then your work goes untouched, your lover only worries for you, and your schedule is marked with chemo appointments

Oh, how can I afford this?

She spends weeks in the hospital as everyone prays in agony

She’s too happy to bury, she’s invincible

You never think your aunt will get breast cancer


I turned 18 this year, finally an “adult”

There are now consequences

There are now tragedies

I am too young for the world yet too old for this school

I am too sad for my friends, too smart for my classes, growing too big for my home

But I’m trapped and cannot leave


She didn’t survive the car crash

There are consequences

I now carry the grief

My aunt has breast cancer

There are tragedies

I now carry the weight

I am too heavy for this soft life

I am no longer invincible

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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