3 Planes Crash


United States
29° 54' 38.9916" N, 95° 39' 22.7232" W

In Memorium of September 11

Shatter goes the windows of the first Twin tower.

Smash goes the side of the second Twin tower.

Accidental, people thought until the third plane hit the Pentagon.

3 planes crash, leaving smoke and debris littered in the air and on the streets.

3 planes crash, casting paper soaring high in the charred and blackened sky.

3 planes crash, dispatching firemen, police, and EMT’s to try and save people who have already passed on.

3 planes crash, forcing people to jump out of crumbling buildings.

3 planes crash, sending schools into a nationwide lockdown, allowing no one in or out.

3 planes crash, leaving unfinished tasks abandoned and families broken.

3 planes crash, various lives lost; from teachers to students, employees, public service workers, even tourists.

3 planes crashed, altering the course of human history.

3 planes crashed, all because of the hatred and animosity in a certain group of people towards a nation.

11 yrs ago today, 3 planes crashed.


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