She's Paying The Price

An intoxicated man hit a woman's car when he decided to drive.
She didn't die when her car was struck but her son didn't survive.
She couldn't even attend her son's funeral because she was hospitalized.
She lost her only child and she's also paralyzed.
She's paralyzed from the neck down and she will never walk again.
He drove while intoxicated and two people paid for his horrible sin.
That drunk driver learned that drinking and driving is a stupid thing to do.
When he hit that woman's car, there wasn't just one victim, there were two.
When that man became intoxicated, he drove and without even thinking twice.
A stupid decision was made and because of ignorance, she's paying the price.
The drunk driver feels remorse for his mistake and as he sits in a jail cell, he sheds tears.
This story is nothing new, there are many thousands of drunk driving fatalities every year.


(This poem is fictional but it has been and will continue to be reality for many people) 


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