I Have Fallen

I love the way the sunlight shines on him

The way the sun seems to reach out for him

Only him

His eyes are the most beautiful brown

I hated brown

But I could never hate brown on him

I love everything about him

How pink seems to be his favourite colour

Even though he swears its blue

How he laughs- so deep, so true

How he smiles- the corner of his eyes crinkle and those magical dimples appear

Only him

Only for him will I sneak out 

Only for him would I risk the wrath of my guardians 

Only for him would I let his hands roam my body, heart and soul

I have fallen

Only for him

I have fallen

For someone whom I can never speak his name around others

I have fallen

For him and I will have to stay a secret

Only for him

Will I risk it 

Only for him

Will I give him my hand

To place that beautiful ring on

Only for him

Will I run away

To have a life

Better than this one

I have fallen

For the most handsome,



hilarious man on earth. 

Now him and I are no secret.

Only for us

Will I do what I need to do



This poem is about: 
Our world


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