An Airline Seat was Found Floating in a Faraway Ocean


How is it like to resume?


Strobe lights and that's a grand foyer.

Was not water.

Grass and more grass,

and a railroad

elongating reluctantly to some point;

A tornado of railroad.

Some thousand feet from here

was a good patch of a boring residence.


That's an airplane.

Over there, look. 

The air from the air conditioner is pervasive,

making it feel calm and appropriate

to take a long-lasting nap in the lounge.


Probably gone fishing.

A sleepy bike leans against the wall,

a ladder, moist,


Is not a problem.

The bland quality in that

single, weathered power pole is still intact.

It looks up to some magellanic cloud sometimes,

spilled paints, supercell.

A mezzanine would be present,

as regular as a puzzle with picnic theme.


Some thousand feet from here

is a good patch of jumbled railroads.


Strobe lights and that's an oversized wing.


How is it like to resume? 


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