The Traveler and The Device

There once was a traveler from a distant land,

She traveled to the mountains and the sand,

One time she traveled to the furthest peak,

Where she was met with a curious beak,

The beak then said, “To what do you desire?”

“I seek to heal, love, and inspire.”

The beak then made a kind gesture,

And flew off far, leaving only a feather,

The beak came back after an hour,

With something in his claw,

The bird then turned to the traveler,

As he spoke with an expression so dour,

“I will give you a tool that will help you fulfill desires,

 but you must promise never to give your heart as long as you inspire.”

The traveler took this demand with such sadness,

“Why must I never love with my heart, but only heal and inspire?”

The beak said, “if you have this device,

you can never devote you heart to another.”

The traveler then took the device,

knowing she would never devote her heart to another,

Time had passed,

The traveler had healed many,

Lacking joy in her heart,

It wasn’t until another traveler stood beside her,

That she started to feel her heart faliing for another, 

“Oh! But I can’t! I must have this device!

I cannot heal or inspire without it!”

Thus, she pushed the love of her life away,

Drowning in the depression of her heart,

She remembered the beak's price of the device,

She then ventured back to the peak,

To find the bird’s beak,

When she found the beak,

She demanded to return the device,

To give her heart to the person she loved,

But the beak laughed and told as she wept,

“You cannot undo your choice; it lives with you with every beat.”

The traveler then looked out into the dark chasm below the peak,

Overwhelmed with the sadness of her choice,

She jumped into the void.





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