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What were you doing when our lives were changed forever
I know were I was on September 11,2001 do you
It was 1st grade and I was on my way back from morning gym
I walked in all my teachers were huddled around the T.V.
Some weeping, some sobbing, some praying
But everyone had something in common
The look of astonishment on everyone’s face
Of course I had no idea of what was that burning place

The bus dropped me off at 2:31 that day
My dad was sitting at the table with a heavy heart
And a long drawn out face as if someone had died
I had no idea of what the events of that day would bring
I sat beside him he looked down at me and said “Things were about to change”
I asked why. Dad’s eyes swelled and said today has been a day that will never be forgotten. I will never forget what he said next
America is under attack.

Now I’m a freshman and I still have not forgotten that sad day
And I realize that could quite possibly be the worst day in history
But just like the phoenix we rose from the ashes
Just like America always has and always will
So now I support the men and women of our armed forces
For these brave souls leave their families for months at a time
To make it so we can spend time with our own families
Most people take for granted what we have and do everyday
I guarantee you American soldiers would much rather
Be in traffic on the interstate than have bullets fly over their heads
So for those people who cuss and gripe
Just remember freedom is not free

Following the events of September 11th
America pulled together, cried together, and mourned together
This poem is dedicated to the men and women who have lost their lives
And to the families who lost a loved one or loved ones
As a result of that day, that fateful day
Whether you were on the 1st or the 2nd or you went down
As a hero on flight 93 in that Pennsylvania field
If you’ve sacrificed a limb, or your ability to walk or
Made the ultimate sacrifice for your country
This one’s for you
You Are Not Forgotten


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