The Lady Falls


United States
39° 55' 6.3372" N, 75° 8' 11.958" W

The lady falls like the dying leaves
Soft and slow, forlorn and sweet
On a whim, she gives her heart
Wanting only to play her part
You speak, she hangs on every word
You smile, she burns
You touch, she shivers
Lean closer, lips quiver

The lady falls like pouring rain
Sure and steady, numb to pain
Hopeful heart and open mind
For you, she wakes each day and tries
You hold, she flies
You whisper, she sighs
You take, she gives
For your approval, she lives

The lady falls like a tumbling stone
Quick and fearful of being alone
Her fear is always worse at night
She looks to you to hold her tight
You lead, she blindly follows
Trusting you to be tomorrow
You promise, she trusts
Forgets that all returns to dust

The lady falls like winter's snow
Deathly quiet eyes crystal cold
She shivers like a rosebud burning
In her eyes a world un-turning
You frown, she sees
You pull back, she pleads
You leave, she calls
You break her, she falls

The lady falls at the end of the road
Forsaken and broken, with nowhere to go


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