Priceless: In Memory of Sandy Hook


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Round curls and shiny locks
In gold, red, and brown
Bounce on their foreheads
As they skip and run through the halls.

Sparkling blue and green
Or deep brown eyes
Shift from toy to toy
And swirl with indecision.

Little noses, smooth and
Freckled and unmarred
Scrunch up with laughter
Or a loud sneeze.

Pudgy round cheeks and
Small, clear foreheads,
Pink with sunburn and
Made pinker by bright dresses.

Tiny, soft lips with bite marks
Carefully form words
Or gentle smiles or
Wet, adorable pouts.

Fragile shoulders lengthen into
Arms and fragile little hands,
Trustingly enclosed in another's
Or wrapped around a crayon.

Thin, light bodies barely
Heavier than a bag of feathers;
Or round, soft toddler tummies
Smooth and pale and ticklish.

Little toes curl in their shoes,
With chipped blue and purple polish
Or dirt covering
The white edges.

Young, clean, naive minds
Untouched by the filth in
The big world.
Beautiful, innocent, pure...

They are priceless.

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I love how this poem radiates the happiness and joy that children find in small things and how at that point in life they are "untouched by the filth in / The big world." It is important to remember the children affected by this event in that way. Adding the simple video with the news recordings made the poem even more powerful!


Thanks for your thoughts, jwiener! I'm glad you liked the piece.

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