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What is it I do, as a true blue Woman?
I fight for justice so free, for love, for me-
Me and mine, and you'll find
that my kind, though we may bind
each other, one another, our OWN brother
to despair and shame, and I'M the one to blame?

Maybe I'm wrong, I'm right, I'm crazy,
I'm smart-
I try to do my part.
My passion is my pride,
I've got nothing to hide-
Acting, reacting, repelling, attracting.
You. Love. Me. Or. You. Hate. Me.
The Father wants to kill me
but the Son wants to date me...

If you have a problem, dish it out-
I'll give you and your friends something to talk about.

My head may be empty, but my heart is so full.
I have so much to say, but never enough space.
Because past and present relates and I cannot erase.

I want to be seen, be heard, be known, maybe be loved.
But most be here.
But pride tells me, I don't need those
emotions, and they gotta go
out with the fear.

That fear of labels, uniqueness,
individualtiy, reality, actuality.
Stand out in the crowd, loud and so proud,
Because I'm here before you,
with no fear,
holding to me what is so dear.

These words upon my heart and my soul,
with no alternative goal.

So take me for what I am, who I was,
and what I'll be.
I'm above normal, above odd,
above classes and names.
Because you know what?
I'm through with these strict regal games.

I ask you to look into your souls,
and you'll do what's right.
Stay bright, hold tight, don't lose sight
of your good side, your pride,
bring out the good on the inside...

Hold on. This life is a TRAGIC ride.


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