My Tragic Poem

There once were two lovers put onto a train
With nothing to lose but a lot to gain
As they were heading towards a new state
Without really knowing that they sealed their fates.

The wheels on the train tracks had started to grind
Leaving their families, those rich ones, behind.
It sure was an odd thing that they were alone
Along with two conductors whose train they'd owned.

They kissed and they hugged until they had slept
A loud bang hours later woke him and he wept
His lover had died in this train crash
By the cause of some bolts unscrewed in a flash.

"Help!" he yelled. "Help me!" he screamed.
But there was no response, it seemed.
The two conductors in the train had died
Leaving him left alone only to survive.

He looked for his phone to call 9-1-1
But he didn't find it, so he decided to run.
Looking out of a broken window, he saw
A barren open field, a part of this flaw.

All of a sudden he got mad at himself
Punching and kicking those walls and those shelves.
He got so angry he tried to commit suicide
After some time he had finally died.

Sometime later the emergency arrived
Finding nothing remaining but a girl left alive
The very same lover whose boyfriend had died
When she found out what happened, she started to cry.



This is one I wrote when I was a freshman in high school, for a test grade (senior now). Mainly inspired by the Shakespearian elements of a tragedy, such as Romeo and Juliet or Othello.

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